Irish dances are recognized by experts as the most useful in the world
Irish dances are recognized by experts as the most useful in the world
Irish dances are recognized by experts as the most useful in the world "

Irish dances are believed to have originated in the 11th century. The first mention of them is found in song sources. Irish ballads often featured peasant dance parties. But the dances themselves were not really described in them.

A rather lengthy, albeit not too precise, description of Irish dances is found in some works of the 16th century. From it it becomes clear: Irish dances are divided into group ones, including long ones, in which participants dance opposite each other in long ranks, and round ones, where the movements are supposed to be performed in pairs, standing in a circle. A separate type is dancing with swords.

The first thing that attracts in Irish dances is originality. All movements here are performed on toes, while the body should remain perfectly flat, hands should be relaxed, lowered. The legs work most intensely. Learning Irish dancing is as much fun as admiring the performance.

However, originality is still not the main advantage of Irish dances. Their relevance is determined by three points. This is an opportunity, without tiring visits to expensive gyms, to work on your figure, find new friends, relax and open up.

The main conditions for a beautiful, stylish performance of Irish dances are good posture, strong leg muscles, excellent body control. The dancers here move easily and smoothly, freely unfold their shoulders, always keep their backs straight, and raise their heads high.

Irish dances - a huge variety of movements that can surprise and amaze the viewer. In pursuit of entertainment, many students rush to pass the basic level and begin to beat off the original tap, which is performed in special shoes.

It is a great pleasure to watch dancers masterfully perform steps. Especially when they do not dance alone, but solemnly stand opposite each other in long ranks or form pairs and, holding hands, move in a circle. Only then can you feel the coherence, attractiveness and cheerfulness of the movements.

The most noticeable difference between Erin's dances from others is music. In oriental dances, you can relax to soothing melodies, in Latin, you can light up to bright compositions, in ballroom dances, you can whirl to noble sounds. Irish dances are subject to completely different Celtic motives.

You will learn to move harmoniously to such music, you will instantly forget about excess weight: an hour-long spinning in a merry round dance "eats" 1000 kilocalories. The Irish consider dancing to be a cure for any disease, an excellent way to relieve muscle tension, cheer up, show creativity, improve not only physical fitness, but also mental abilities.

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