Haruki Murakami refused to fight for alternative Nobel Prize
Haruki Murakami refused to fight for alternative Nobel Prize

The new Swedish academy on its official page on the social network Facebook said that Haruki Murakami, the famous Japanese writer, has decided to abandon the fight for an alternative Nobel Prize in literature.

Haruki Murakami was included in the list of candidates for this prestigious award, but the Japanese writer decided not to participate in this race and sent an e-mail to the New Academy of Sweden asking him to remove his name from the shortlist. As the reason for his unwillingness, he is among the applicants, the writer named his creative work and wants to distance himself from the whole world in order to devote all his attention to writing new works. He thanked the academy for nominating him and wished her further success.

In the New Academy of Sweden itself, they were very upset that they had to exclude the writer Haruki Murakami from the shortlist, but at the same time they noted that they could not do otherwise, since the decision of the people should be treated with respect.

The short list, which includes the names of candidates for the alternative Nobel Prize, is compiled based on the votes of people from all over the world. In total, this time 32 thousand people took part in the voting. This time, in addition to Haruki Murakami, deserving of the prestigious award were: Marise Conde - a writer from France; Neil Gaiman is a science fiction writer from England; Kim Tewey is a Canadian writer.

Writer Murakami is one of the most famous writers from Japan. Fans of his works are eagerly awaiting the release of each of his new books. This interest is fueled by the fact that no one ever knows what his new work will be about, since its content is kept in the strictest confidence. The works of the Japanese writer are published in millions of copies. Fans of his work every year gather in a cafe on the day of the determination of the Nobel Prize in Literature, but they have never been able to celebrate the presentation of the award to their favorite writer.

This time it was decided to present the Literary Prize in Stockholm. This initiative was supported by many cultural figures in Sweden. They decided to make such changes after the statement of the Swedish Academy to abandon the ceremony this time, and to present the award this year 2018, next year, when the situation around sexual harassment calms down.

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