Paintings in the interior of a modern house and apartment
Paintings in the interior of a modern house and apartment
Paintings in the interior of a modern house and apartment

To complete the interior, designers use a variety of decorative elements. Very often the role of these elements is played by pictures. It is important to make the space harmonious, and therefore you need to understand how to properly use paintings to decorate it.

It is imperative to decide on the style of the paintings, which should correspond to the chosen style of the interior. For modern interiors, pop art paintings may be a suitable option. This trend in art was especially popular in the 50s in America. The theme of such paintings can be any, and the main feature of this style is the use of catchy, bright colors. Such paintings often become the central decoration of the room, completely take attention to themselves, especially if you use a canvas the size of one of the walls of the room.

Kanzashi paintings are quite original, which can also be used to decorate modern interiors. You can make such pictures yourself by choosing a suitable pattern and using beautiful ribbons for its embroidery. The technique of creation can be mastered on small canvases and gradually create paintings of increasing size with a more complex pattern.

Fans of something unusual and even slightly insane should pay attention to surreal paintings. You can stop your choice on paintings by famous artists such as Delvaux, Dali, Masson and Miro. Surreal complex paintings by contemporary artists look no less interesting in modern interiors. A large selection of paintings of various genres can be found at, and they all fit perfectly into the interior.

Professional designers, when choosing paintings for interior decoration, very often focus their attention on canvases in the style of impressionism. These can be masterpieces by Degas, Renoir or Monet, or they can be paintings by little-known contemporary artists. These decorations are especially suitable for classic-style spaces. For each room, you should select its own image. So for a bedroom, the best option would be an image of nature or a couple in love, and in the living room, cityscapes look harmonious.

Recently, many lessons have appeared on a variety of handicraft techniques, and some of them can be used to create interesting paintings. For example, you can independently make a picture using the quilling technique, which involves twisting the paper. It will not be difficult for a person with imagination to create a real masterpiece, and handwork will make such a piece of jewelry invaluable.

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