How to deal with the creative crisis: Picasso, Pollack and young artists provide tips
How to deal with the creative crisis: Picasso, Pollack and young artists provide tips
Yuri Albert "A crisis has come in my work …" (1983)

Inspiration is for amateurs. This common phrase reminds us that only hard work is a sure way to achieve mastery. But what if there is no strength, you do not want anything? Successful contemporary artists experienced the hardships of such conditions and offered interesting methods of dealing with creative crisis.

Jackson Pollack, untitled (1951)

From a psychological point of view, the concept of "creative crisis" represents unsuccessful attempts to collect and direct subconscious energy, which leads to personal and emotional difficulties. In the life of a creative person, the emotional and professional spheres are strongly interconnected. Unfortunately, even money and success do not guarantee that the crisis will not overtake. And it manifests itself in different forms: from uncontrollable laziness to depression and apathy.

In 1951 Jackson Pollack was at the peak of popularity. Life magazine in 1949 named him "the greatest living artist in the United States." The paradox is that the more demanded and expensive the work became, the deeper Jackson Pollack sank into depression and alcoholism, which ruined him.

In the last years of his life, the most difficult period, the style of his paintings changes dramatically, dark tones prevail. In 1956, the artist crashed into a car intoxicated. He was 44 years old.

Barbara Hepworth and her cat Nicholas at work on the sculpture

Sculptor-abstractionist Barbara Hepworth after the death of her son and divorce from her husband, she could not get out of a prolonged depression. She decides to go to Greece with her friend Margaret Gardner. The trip gives her back inspiration and gives her the strength to return to creativity. Ahead are artistic discoveries and recognition. Her later work focuses on family and religion.

Pablo Picasso and ballerina Olga Khokhlova, the break with which led the artist to a crisis

Friends Pablo Picasso remember that after the divorce from his first wife, Olga and the birth of his daughter from Marie-Thérèse Walter, he did not go to his studio for a long time. Even one glance at the pictures made him indignant. But the brilliant artist found meaning in another art form. Pablo Picasso went into writing poetry and created over three hundred and fifty poems. It was an experiment, but with completely different material. True, the Picasso-poet did not surpass the Picasso-artist.

Recipe from the Creative Crisis of Trey Spiegle, the Successful Contemporary Author: Finding Space for Play and Freedom

Most artists agree that balancing tension, seeking and resting is an effective prevention of creative crisis. Trey Spingle, a successful modern author, refines this recipe: it is necessary to set narrower and more precise parameters of work, in which it is necessary to allocate enough space for play and freedom.

Aris Moore believes that hard work is not a way out of a crisis

Aris Moore says that when he is experiencing creative stagnation, he tries to experiment, but not very intensely. According to the artist's experience, the way out is found faster in play than in hard work.

The author of popular and positive paintings Lisa Kongdon shares her experience on how to overcome the crisis and develop creativity

Uncommon advice gives Lisa Congdon, whose paintings are striking in their positive and ingenuity. You need to choose one subject for the image. It is important that it evokes pleasant emotions. And then draw it in different variations for 30 days. Consider carefully the change in colors, shades and motives. Every day you should push yourself to find something new in this subject and be sure to continue, day after day. This way you can overcome not only the crisis, but also develop your creativity. This advice applies to a variety of industries.

Abstract artist Ben Skinner is changing his activity to deal with the crisis

Author of inspiring abstractions Ben Skinner draws attention to how important it is to retreat from work on time. This strategy releases subconscious impulses.It is better to do something completely different, not related to the main form of activity.

Amanda Gappé urges you to be naughty

One of the most painful aspects of a creative crisis is criticism. Amanda Gappé in times of crisis, he tries not to hear criticism and focuses only on his inner world. Her recommendation is to be more indifferent to what others say: no one will help, no one will put a pencil in your hand. Be naughty - the artist's call.

Holly Chastine advises not to doubt yourself

Holly Chastine recalls that at the beginning of his career, every cool review aroused doubts about his own abilities. Over time, the artist realized that her paintings are not just wasted time, but part of her soul. If you see your reflection in your work, you can build a protective wall around yourself and what you are doing.

The creative crisis is a mystery for psychologists, culturologists and historians. There is an assumption that it was precisely such conditions that caused most famous poets have passed away at the age of 37.

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