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Tiny planets: 16 panoramic photos of the most famous cities in the world
Tiny planets: 16 panoramic photos of the most famous cities in the world
Panoramas of the most famous cities in the world

A modern metropolis is a whole planet, says photographer Pavel Reiffer, who presented a series of photographs "Tiny Planets" to the audience. The aerial photography method and stereographic projection used by the photographer allows city panoramas to be viewed at 360 degrees. Each image contains hundreds of kilometers of urban landscape.

1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Main economic center of Malaysia

2. New York, USA

Megalopolis of world significance

3. Marina Bay Area, Singapore

A new area of ​​Singapore built on reclaimed land

4. Dubai, UAE

One of the main tourist centers in the Middle East

5. Auckland, New Zealand

The largest city in New Zealand

6. Bangkok, Thailand

The main gateway to the country

7. Manhattan District, New York, USA

The smallest area in New York

8. Tower Bridge, London, UK

The most famous London landmark

9. Shanghai, China

One of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in China

10. Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, USA

A bridge that stretches across the San Francisco Bay and connects San Francisco and Oakland

11. Sydney, Australia

One of the most attractive places on Earth

12. Hong Kong, China

"Pearl of the East"

13. Venice, Italy

Legendary city in the northern part of Italy

14. London, UK

Capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

15. Vatican

A miniature state in the western part of the capital of Italy

16. Tokyo, Japan

One of the largest megacities on the planet

No less interesting and cityscapes carved in wood… These carved sculptures depicting models of modern metropolises are recognizable for each of them.

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