Representatives of youth subcultures gathered at the festival "ZNAKI"
Representatives of youth subcultures gathered at the festival "ZNAKI"
Representatives of youth subcultures gathered at the festival "ZNAKI"

On June 6, Wednesday, Novosibirsk brought together fans of Star Wars and anime, rappers, breakdancers, yo-yokers, Goths and boxers at the ZNAKI Siberian Festival of Youth Subcultures.

According to the organizers of the festival, which is being held for the fourth time, the main task of this event is to provide representatives of subcultures with the opportunity to declare themselves and their values, as well as to continue the traditions of this interregional youth holiday. For the festival, a program has already been developed that covers the interests of the Goths, anime fans, historical reenactors, breakdancers, jumpers, writers, tracers, rappers and other youth movements.

Participants from Tomsk, Barnaul and Kemerovo came to the ZNAKI festival.

On the main stage of the festival (gothic) there was a show of the author's collection of informal clothes Black Roses from designer Yulia Plotnikova, a mystical performance of the Deviant-style show group, the youth association Resonance, working in the style of industrial dance, performed, and the Visorium Dark Theater presented its gothic performance …

Funkademix (rasta-funk), Metro Dlya Dvoih (electro-rock), D.T.M.F. (Siberian Dark Electro / EBM), Sucht (experimental / post-punk) and MED (pop-punk).

At other venues of the festival, one could see demonstration performances of yo-yokers and turnstiles, a show of costumes of fans of Japanese cartoons, fights in the style of saberfighting, walking on a tightrope slacklining, tricks of boxers, a fire show master class, creating graffiti 20 meters high, rap competition -performers, tournaments for fans of role-playing games and historical reenactments, demonstration performances in break-dance battle and parkour, as well as an exhibition and sale of rock paraphernalia and paraphernalia of representatives of various subcultures.

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