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TOP-photo of the outgoing week (October 25-31) according to National Geografic
TOP-photo of the outgoing week (October 25-31) according to National Geografic
The best photos of the outgoing week from National Geografic

Today's photographs, selected by the best specialists, will make us descend to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and climb high into the mountains, under the very clouds. We will see the most incredible corners of the planet, get to know both its deep-sea inhabitants and the owners of swift wings, admire both sands and trees. What is preparing us a selection of photos for October 25-31 from National Geografic?

the 25th of October

Padlock Ranch Horse, Montana

The largest ranch in Montana, Padlock ranch. Photo by Albert Allard.

October 26

Baobab Trees, Madagascar

The city of Morondava, which is located on the west coast of Madagascar, is considered not only the most popular beach resort on the coast. In the vicinity of the city you can see a lot of baobabs, and 20 km north of Morondav is the Alley of Baobabs. This alley is all that remains of the once dense forest, which was once cleared for agricultural land. The Baobab Alley in Madagascar has been protected since 2007 and is considered an amazing place to walk as these giant trees provide cool shade even on the hottest day. Photo by Pascal Maitre.

27th October

Bowerbird, Papua New Guinea

The bowerbird, or arbor bird, is a relative of the bird of paradise, and it lives mainly in Australia or Papua New Guinea. The bowerbird is called the designer bird for his passion for decorating his own home. So, the male builds a house from the branches, like a hut, and decorates it with flowers, leaves, mushrooms, and at the entrance to the "dwelling" can scatter shells, small pebbles or bright lids from beer bottles. In the photo of Tim Laman, we just see such a bowery, who carries a decoration for his house in his beak.

28 of October

Sand Dune, Fraser Island

This is what the sand dunes on Fraser Island look like. It is the largest sandy island in the world, which stretches in a long strip along the Queensland coast (Australia). The dunes that make up Fraser Island were formed about 400 thousand years ago and rise up to 240 meters. Photo by Peter Essick.

29th of October

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, Iceland

An incredible photo of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, which woke up in April 2010 and paralyzed a good half of Europe's airspace, taken by photographer named Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisson. Such "volcanic thunderstorms" occur when rocks and ice particles ejected from an explosion of magma collide in the atmosphere.

October 30

License Plated Road, Nagorno-Karabakh

Ellie's girl walked to the wizard Goodwin along the yellow brick road. And in the Middle East, in Nagorno-Karabakh, there is another "magic" road. But it is decorated with an unusual fence paved with license plates. These "trophies" have remained here since the 90s, when Armenia and Azerbaijan waged a war for control over the region. And these license plates were removed from Azerbaijani cars abandoned by the owners, who preferred to hide from the war in a safer place. Such roadside "decorations" are located in the village of Vank and are considered symbols of victory. Photo by Alex Webb.

October 31

Moray eel

The moray eel fish, which is potentially dangerous to humans because its bite can be poisonous and deadly, lives deep in the waters of the ocean, in particular, 70 miles southwest of Tokyo. During the day, moray eels hide in crevices of rocks or between corals, sticking out only their heads and looking for prey, and at night they get out of shelters to hunt.It was there, in the waters of Suruga Bay, that this whopper was trapped by photographer Brian Skerry.

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