Indiana Jones returns for the 5th time: What viewers can expect from the new part of the cult franchise with Harrison Ford
Indiana Jones returns for the 5th time: What viewers can expect from the new part of the cult franchise with Harrison Ford

Talk about filming the fifth part of Indiana Jones older than the Egyptian mummy! Harrison Ford recently made a statement that made fans of the fearless archaeologist saga incredibly happy. After endless rumors and speculation - old Indy is back in business! Work on the film will begin in a couple of months. What secrets, discoveries and adventures await the unfading Dr. Jones in the new film? And who, after all, will direct it if the irreplaceable Spielberg refuses?

The possible start date for filming is called April of this year, and the release date is the summer of 2021. The fifth part of the franchise will be released 40 years after the premiere of the first film. All these years, the creative team has remained unchanged: Steven Spielberg is the director, George Lucas is the screenwriter, Harrison Ford is the main character.

Harrison Ford as the fearless explorer Indiana Jones

From series to series, the restless adventurer, Indiana Jones, does not calm down, he is in constant search of adventure. The researcher can still find a way out of any situation, even the most hopeless one. The next part of the film promises new, even more dangerous and dizzying adventures of the protagonist.

Directed by Steven Spielberg

The previous part was released in 2008. Since then, talk about the next episode has not ceased. The financial success of the films about Indiana Jones is measured in total at almost two billion US dollars, at a cost of 279 million.

Harrison Ford and John Connery in The Search for the Lost Ark, 1981

Director Steven Spielberg will return to open the tombs and release the snakes, and the script will be written by Jonathan Kasdan. He is the son of a previous member of the project, Lawrence Kasdan, who worked on "Search for the Lost Ark" back in 1981. There are other authors involved in this process, such as Dan Fogelman.

The legendary Indiana Jones with the creators of the cult saga

George Lucas will be involved in production. Although he will not be the author of the story this time. This work was initially undertaken by David Kepp. “Not in my power,” the writer later said in an interview with Collider in 2016. At work, he was replaced by Jonathan Kasdan, then Vogelman, and then Kepp returned.

Harrison Ford is 77 years old, but he is not going to stop there

About George Lucas Spielberg said: “George is in charge of storytelling. He did this in all four parts. Whether I like these stories or not, I have complete confidence in George. Even if I don't believe in history, I will still shoot the film the way he intended. I will always rely on George as the narrator of the Indy series.” The latter part, despite being a commercial success, was a bit of a disappointment to critics. Making an Indiana Jones movie is a big mountain to climb, and not everyone gets to the top.

Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf

The Crystal Skull plot introduced Indy's son to Matt (played by Shia LaBeouf) and brought back the character Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood). Matt may have become the new leader of the series, but LaBeouf seems to have burned his bridges with his criticism of the final product. Reboot ideas with a new Indiana were shot down by Ford.

Iconic Indiana then and now

There are a lot of rumors about who will star in the film, besides Ford and what treasures Dr. Jones will be looking for this time. The creators guarantee only one thing - this is further research into the character of Dr. Jones. Ford himself said that he was looking forward to starting work on his favorite character.

Periodically, there is information that Spielberg will not be the director of the fifth part of the franchise

The actor lifted the veil of secrecy over the plot: “We will see new events in Indy's life, relationships with people. The denouement of part of its history awaits us. " Ford is now 77 years old, but he has no plans to retire yet. He is also active in his work and continues to appear frequently.

Indiana Jones in the last part of the saga

Will the Indiana Jones saga end? So far, the participants and creators of the fifth part of the franchise do not give an unambiguous answer to this question. But what they promise is that the film will be as exciting as its first episodes. We look forward to next year and the release of the film, which has long acquired the status of a cult. Harrison Ford is one of the best famous Hollywood actors. For more information about him and his life, read our article. where the legendary Indiana Jones found the source of happiness.

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