Armen Dzhigarkhanyan about himself, a cat, love, enmity and faith in God
Armen Dzhigarkhanyan about himself, a cat, love, enmity and faith in God

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan passed away on November 14. For the number of roles played in the theater and cinema, he got into the Guinness Book of Records. But it’s not about quantity. Few of the Russian actors and directors were so loved by the public as Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. We have collected the statements of the hero of the day about himself, about happiness, love and quotes from his most popular film works.

"I look at a photograph where I am fifty-something, and I think: how young!"

“My enemies? There are no such. There are simply people who left my life for one reason: they betrayed me."

“I had a great cat - Phil. He lived for almost 20 years, I learned a lot from him."

"When I feel good, then I live deliciously and speak deliciously."

“In all our life manifestations, complexes are the root cause. For many years I have suffered from the fact that I am short and have a short neck."

“I am a clown by nature. I really like a joke, a joke, to bite someone's ass. For me, the biggest tragedy is running a theater. Sit in the office."

“I don't like literature for the metro … There is literature, music, art that offend me a little. They think I am very stupid."

“The most important thing is to love people. Love and that's it. And this is difficult. You think it’s easy, but you try it - you won’t succeed.”

"I do not believe in God. Nobody controls us."

“I have a feeling that Russia is in many ways a serf country - intellectually, at will. It is often easier here not to lead, but to follow."

"We always get the same thing: one time comes - we put up monuments, another comes - we demolish it."

“An example of unprofessionalism. It turned out that we have the 2018 FIFA World Cup. But few people think that we play football very badly."

“There is a church and a theater in Russia. They perform the same functions. And you can't deprive people of this."

“My mother always said: 'Wait five minutes, think, and then make a decision.' In the heat of the moment, excuse the expression, everyone can do it."

“Fear is a great driving force. Sometimes it seems to us that we are patriots - of our cause, of our country - and this is just fear. Covered with loud words."

"Once everyone went crazy about Zheglov, and now, perhaps, much prettier than the Sharapov."

"If I don't wake up jealousy of Desdemona, then the question of who played Othello and how he played will disappear."

“Every day, dressing in the dressing room, I want to be the best actor on stage. (…) Actor's nature. Envy!"

“Fame doesn't add happiness. You feel it only when you really love”.

"The main thing is not to devour your neighbor, but to be able to leave."

"Not every handshake is a sign of friendship."

"I am cynical and cunning."

“What is cynicism? Cynicism is when you know the price of everything”.

“When the hero of the day is carried out in a chair, it seems to me that this is not good. Almost like a funeral."

“80 years is a long time. I would even say: a lot! And what it will result in - I don't know. I will ask the Lord, if there is one, so that I do not fall apart …"

“Do you know the worst thing with women? You feel differently with the same woman in different situations. Today is good, incredible. Tomorrow is disgusting. The day after tomorrow - good again. And in two weeks - who is she, why do I need all this?"

“Today they talk a lot about my relationship with the young woman Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. I will say this: what right do you have to judge, give prescriptions. It’s not your dog’s business, this is my life, and I live it”.

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