Garden Scarecrows: Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival
Garden Scarecrows: Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival
Kettlewell Garden Scarecrow Festival: Cork Bar

Bioacoustic systems, kites, lasers, gas cannons, falcons and even radio-controlled airplanes are used to scare birds away. As you can see, the adage "from cannons to sparrows" has a real background. But how can all these devices replace such a familiar and home garden scarecrow? From an aesthetic point of view, definitely not. Therefore, in the English village of Kettlewell every year they arrange a funny garden scarecrow festival, bringing dusty stuffed animals into the light.

Garden Scarecrows: Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

Garden scarecrow - this is not only a curse, but also a valuable cultural artifact: after all, peasants dress scarecrows in their traditional clothes, albeit somewhat worn out. There is even a museum dedicated to them in Russia! However, more on that next time. The Garden Scarecrow Festival takes place in Yorkshire in August and lasts nine days. All this was invented in 1994, when the local school decided to collect some donations and put on a scarecrow review. The idea incredibly captured everyone in the area. Schoolchildren and their parents brought their old scarecrows and made new ones, so that already at the first festival there were a hundred exhibits.

Scarecrows - they are like people

Now during the festival, the population of little Kettlewell is increasing many times over, and not only due to tourists: walking the streets, you constantly bump into citizens who have a bag of straw or a bunch of traffic jams instead of a head. Cattlewell also love to make garden scarecrows in the form of great musicians, folklore characters (Robin Hood, witches, and so on) and even a king and queen!

ABBA's garden scarecrows play music

Thousands of tourists come to the festival to see the funny stuffed animals. And the locals hold a "beauty contest" among the scarecrows, dividing it into two nominations - adult and children's (naturally, they scared not by their height, but by the age of their creators).

Ogorodny Alexander Bell tests the first phone

It will take a whole day to find and look at all the scarecrows with at least one eye, especially since they can hide in the most unexpected places. But there will be a reward for this: tasks and riddles are encrypted in the stuffed animals, and if you solve everything, you can find a treasure! And by ourselves garden scarecrows no treasures are needed: each of them can already become the king of the Emerald City, it is worth adding a little bran to the brains.

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