All in twos: 20 photos from the International Gemini Festival 2017
All in twos: 20 photos from the International Gemini Festival 2017
Twins at the 2017 Twinsburg Festival Photo: John Robinson

Every year on the first full weekend of August, Twinsburg, which can be roughly translated as "Gemini City", hosts the Gemini Festival. This holiday attracts thousands of twins and twins from all over the world. This year, participants were asked to reflect their national roots in their costumes. Photos from this action are in our review.

Donna and Melanie Bater from the UK Linda and Laura Mellor in red, white and blue outfits Rebecca and Abelgall Gelser, 16, in steampunk outfits Evan and Johanna Jill came in bright yellow outfits Elijah and Aaron Morgulis are football fans from Maryland

Twinsburg Twins Days Festival began in 1976 and has grown in popularity every year since then. At first, only twins from Ohio itself came to this holiday, then from all over the country, and now here you can meet participants from literally all over the world.

Timothy and Larry Leonakis are proud of their Greek-American roots Briana and Brittany Dean dressed in the style of their German-Swiss roots

For several years now, the constant photographer of this festival is Tick ​​Zaudem (Teake Zuidema). In his photographs, we can see the 70-year-old sisters Arnet and Anet Avery, whose ancestors were African Americans, Scots, Irish, and even Cherokee Indians. Other couples dressed in national costumes of Greece, Switzerland, Holland, Canada.

Diana and Donn Perrque celebrate their Dutch roots Arnet and Anet Avery celebrate African, Scottish-Irish and Native American roots in their outfits Julie and Angelica Rivera are from Puerto Rico

However, no one obliged the twins to dress in national costumes, so many showed creativity and dressed "based on" - someone chose the uniform of police officers, someone - local "elves", and someone tried to find exactly that symbol of their country, which is closest to them.

Mary and Elizabeth Guillen hint at their Irish roots in their costumes Mike and Mark Smith dressed in Scottish style

The photographer himself has only recently become a US citizen. "At the Gemini festival you can see both Americans and newcomers, you can meet people of different races, different religions, they have different goals in life and different stories of their families. It was quite interesting for me to observe how all these people, despite such differences, do not mind changing into clothes that are unusual for them and posing for the camera, "says Tik Zaudema.

Daniel and Zachary Ross are fond of Greco-Roman wrestling Ned and Fred Mitchell, 67, always dress in bright colors for Gemini Day Kylie and Riley dressed in the style of the Pittsburgh Penguins Max and Zach Prizant are from Yangstown, Ohio Cody and Chaz Strauser dressed up as Spiderman Tia and Tanya Dmucchowski came from Boston Marcy and Tami Kambelman dressed in the costumes of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police Jeri and John Starrett are American

Kalani and Jarani are also twins, but no one believes them, because not only were the sisters born different from each other, they were born with different skin colors!

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