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The beauty Olga von Stein is the daughter of a jeweler, the wife of a general and the criminal heiress of Sonya Zolotoy Ruchka
The beauty Olga von Stein is the daughter of a jeweler, the wife of a general and the criminal heiress of Sonya Zolotoy Ruchka
Olga von Stein is the daughter of a jeweler, the wife of a general and the criminal heiress of Sonya the Golden Hand

Sonya the Golden Hand is considered to be one of the most famous thieves, swindlers, fraudsters. She was the idol of many women who wanted to enrich themselves at the expense of others. She also had followers. One of them is Olga von Stein, who imitated Sonya in everything. The criminal heiress managed to become famous for many well-thought-out shenanigans. All the crimes she committed were very reminiscent of Sonya's tricks.

When the Golden Hand was serving time on Sakhalin, new crimes began to be committed in Europe and the United States, the handwriting of which was very similar to Sonkin. The police managed to detain the criminal. It turned out to be the Archduchess Sophia Bek. It was her pseudonym. The real name of the thief and swindler is Olga von Stein. This woman imitated the Golden Pen. Very often she introduced herself as Sonya. The lady attracted men with her mystery. She managed to win over many people, including influential ones.

Olga von Stein is the daughter of a famous jeweler

Olga von Stein was born in Strelna in 1879. Her father was the famous jeweler Segalovich. When the woman turned 25, she married her dad's best friend, who was 34 years older than her. The couple in love moved to live in St. Petersburg.

Segalovich was an influential and wealthy man, so Olga had no financial problems. The woman has always been a lover of expensive clothes and luxury jewelry. It was on them that she spent her husband's money. He did not like such tricks of his wife, so he filed for divorce.

After parting, Olga did not grieve for a long time. In the same year, she became the official wife of General von Stein. It cannot be said that he was very rich and famous, but he had connections with influential people.

Communication with influential people

Olga von Stein, being the general's wife, did not hesitate to borrow money from his friends. Unfortunately, she never returned the funds to them. It was with this that Sophia Beck's criminal career began. After some time, she came up with a new type of fraud. When a woman hired a gold mine manager, she took a substantial deposit from them. After receiving the money, the woman stopped communicating with them. None of the victims turned to law enforcement agencies, because Olga had serious connections.

Caricature from the "Petersburg newspaper" 1908, No. 340, December 10.)

Once Sophia Bek decided to enrich herself at the expense of her friends. She told them a fictional story that her aunt had left her an inheritance, but, unfortunately, she did not have the money to formalize it. The woman even forged a telegram. Naive acquaintances lent the lady substantial sums. But not everyone was led to the general's trick. One of the officials managed to figure it out. He determined that the telegram was not real. This led to the fact that Olga came under investigation. She was sent to the House of Pretrial Detention, but even from there she was able to get out. The swindler pretended to be sick, and she was released home, under house arrest.

The escape and return of Olga von Stein

Olga was pretty to the State Duma deputy Parchment, so he decided to help her leave the country. Thus, the fraudster ended up in New York. The police quickly located her. Olga sent a letter to Russia with a request to transfer money.

Lawyer Osip Yakovlevich Parchment

It was this that betrayed her.In 1908, hearings in the Sofia Beck case were resumed. She hired an experienced lawyer who reduced her sentence to 16 months.

Scams "Baroness"

After the death of her husband, the former general's wife became the fictitious wife of Baron von der Osten-Saken. This marriage led to the fact that the lady received a title of nobility, and her fictitious husband was left without a means of subsistence.

Osten-Saken Vladimir Alexandrovich

The "Baroness" has already carried out scams under a new name. She extorted jewelry and money from people. For this she was sent to prison again. After the revolution, Olga managed to leave the place of imprisonment, but even that did not stop her. The woman came up with a new scam. She once promised people to trade jewelry for scarce products. She received valuables, but the victims of the fraudster still saw the ordered goods. The thief was punished with indefinite correctional labor.

"Petersburg leaf", 1907, No. 331, December 2

An affair with the head of the colony. And the battle continues again …

Sophia Bek really wanted to return to freedom, so she entered into a love relationship with the head of the colony, Krotov. He did his best to get his beloved released. Krotov quit his job and went with the fraudster to Moscow, where they decided to receive money using forged documents. After that, two swindlers opened a business that allegedly was engaged in sending various goods on a prepaid basis. The people who used his services were deceived.

The swindlers' tricks ended when their car was ambushed. Krotov was shot, and Olga managed to tell the police that she was his victim. For this she was given only a year of probation.

Departure of the defendant from the courtroom before fleeing. "Petersburg leaf", 1907, No. 335, December 6

The further fate of the famous thief and swindler is shrouded in riddles and stories. Some people claimed that she traded cabbage in the market, while others were inclined to believe that the lady managed to leave for another country and live richly.

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