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25 photos of hyper-realistic desserts, expertly crafted from glass and porcelain
25 photos of hyper-realistic desserts, expertly crafted from glass and porcelain
Delicious glass and porcelain desserts

Cakes and pastries can become a real work of art, especially if the jewelers have worked on them, and they were not prepared from dough and cream, but from porcelain and glass. Looking at such amazing masterpieces, you begin to believe that time can stand still, at least in works of art.

1. "Vanilla chocolate cake"

American artist Shayna Leib knows how to create incredible works of art from glass and porcelain!

2. "Cherry in chocolate"

Shaina Leib is very partial to desserts, to which she dedicated a whole project called "Confectionery"

3. "Chocolate-raspberry mousse"

All sweets that look incredibly delicious are made exclusively from glass and porcelain!

4. "Hot chocolate"

The fact is that due to health problems, the glassblower artist is forced to adhere to very strict dietary restrictions

5. "Coconut cake with nuts and mango"

Sweets top the list of things that a woman is strictly forbidden to eat

6. "Curd-chocolate cake"

The glassblower admits that the Confectionery project began as a therapeutic exercise

7. "Chocolate mousse" Guanaia "

In this unusual way, Shayna Leib tried to "realign" her mind to view dessert as a form, not food

8. "Lemon and cherry cake"

But even the strictest diet does not mean that sweets cannot be admired and admired

9. "Orange savarin"

Therefore, with the help of her skill, the American artist skillfully conveys all the beauty of desserts and … their inaccessibility

10. "Raspberry cake"

The glassblowing artist creates exquisite culinary masterpieces without the use of icing, caramel and chocolate

11. "Cake with raspberry cream"

The woman also tried to show that not only taste is important in the dessert, but also a graceful shape

12. "Chocolate brownie" Guanaia "

The creations of the American artist look so realistic that you just want to enjoy their perfect taste

13. "Exotic coconut"

Over time, a woman's fascinating hobby has grown into solving real "technical" riddles

14. "Chocolate mousse"

Glass did not always help the artist achieve the desired result, so she had to look for a more suitable material

15. "Cherry in dark chocolate"

American Shyna Leib began experimenting with porcelain, trying to combine it with glass

16. "Orange cake with cream"

Creating beautiful but inedible desserts, the glassblower has tried all known glass techniques

17. "Cake Karachok"

The American artist used an "old-fashioned" glass blowing pipe to create some parts of her peerless desserts

18. "Dark chocolate and mango"

In her works, the woman, along with melting, used glass casting and grinding

19. "Cake" Black Forest "

Shayna Leib's mouth-watering glass sculptures can be viewed endlessly

20. "Cake" Black Forest 2 "

Expertly crafted from glass, chic French desserts in the style of the early 20th century

21. "Cocoa cream"

Shayna Leib, a glassblower with 20 years of experience, is sure that only skill can make glass "obedient"

22. "Curd-caramel cake"

Thanks to her exquisite artistic taste and creativity, the American made the Confectionery project a reality

23. "Blackberry mousse"

Of course, the profession of a glass-blowing artist is simply impossible without the ability to hard work

24. "Chocolate Dome"

Her passion for desserts and glass work inspires Shaina Leib to create intricate and unique masterpieces

25. "Vanilla cake with cream and caramel"

While admiring such perfect works of art, it is hard to believe that they are made of glass and porcelain

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