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Who did Alexander Fatyushin love: 3 main women in the life of an actor
Who did Alexander Fatyushin love: 3 main women in the life of an actor

In the filmography of the actor there are about 60 works in the cinema, and the audience remembered him, first of all, for the role of the hockey player Guriev in the cult film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears". And in the Mayakovsky theater, where the actor served for more than a quarter of a century, with the light hand of the chief chief of staff Andrei Goncharov, he even got the title of Ryazan Marlon Brando. But, unlike his Hollywood colleague, Alexander Fatyushin always fell in love for real, and among his three women - Irina Kalinovskaya, Natalia Gundareva and Elena Molchenko, there was one that left the deepest mark in his life.

A long romance without a sequel

Alexander Fatyushin

For fifteen long years, Alexander Fatyushin was in love with his colleague at the Mayakovsky Theater, Irina Kalinovskaya. He came to the theater in 1973 immediately after graduating from GITIS. The actress in the same year joined the troupe of Andrei Goncharov from the Mossovet Theater. He was free, but she was married to theatrical teacher Leonid Kalinovsky.

Alexander Fatyushin courted very beautifully, hoping to win the heart of his beloved and make her leave her husband. He was able, having put his beloved on the train, immediately go to the airport to meet Irina in another city and give her a gorgeous bouquet.

Irina Kalinovskaya

But the actress did not dare to leave her spouse, and Alexander Fatyushin was consoled over and over again in a proven way - with the help of alcohol. He did not pay attention to the sympathetic looks of his colleagues, but simply loved. Irina, after each quarrel with the actor, plunged into deep reflections, and yet she made a choice in favor of her husband, just because of the too frequent adoption of the "sedative".

Love or friendship

Alexander Fatyushin

Alexander Fatyushin and Natalia Gundareva were connected not only by joint work. On the stage, and sometimes on the set, they played the roles of lovers or spouses. And they were very close-minded people. It seems that Natalia Gundareva even took care of the actor. She touchingly took care of him, whispered about something during intermissions, affectionately called him Shusha, and even knew her colleague's mother.

Alexander Fatyushin and Natalia Gundareva

It is worth remembering that Natalya Gundareva, as a teenager, studied at the theater studio of the Palace of Pioneers on the Lenin Hills, which was led by Evgenia Vasilievna Galkina. At that time, the future actress, according to the teacher's recollections, tried to warm each boy from the team. I darned holes in my friends' clothes, found the right words for them and always noticed when they were upset or they simply had nothing to wear.

Alexander Fatyushin, Andrey Goncharov, Natalia Gundareva

Perhaps that is why Alexander Fatyushin perceived Natalia Gundareva's attention as friendly sympathy. He himself was always the first to rush to help Gundareva, if she asked for it. The colleagues had a very strong spiritual bond based on friendship, mutual respect and warmth. But, as the wife of Alexander Fatyushin would later say, Natalya Gundareva perceived this relationship a little differently than an actor.

Elena Molchenko and Natalya Gundareva at a meeting with the audience in Perm

It is for this reason that she did not want to go to a friend's wedding with actress Elena Molchenko. Allegedly, her friend was a kind of alternate airfield in personal relationships. But do not forget also that the famous actress did not like Fatyushin, but his fiancee Elena Molchenko.Indeed, even after Alexander Fatyushin got married, his friendship with Natalia Gundareva was not interrupted.

Short-lived happiness

Alexander Fatyushin

In fact, Elena Molchenko herself said in her interviews that almost immediately after the end of the relationship with Irina Kalinovskaya, Fatyushin drew attention to her. Elena Molchenko was not free at that time, although she was not officially married. For several years she lived with Anatoly Lobotsky.

Elena Molchenko

Lobotsky had a wife and a child in Tambov, but even after the divorce, he was not in too much of a hurry down the aisle with Elena. On the contrary, in the same Mayakovsky theater, he clearly began to sympathize with Natalia Gundareva. It seems that it was because of the loving nature of Anatoly Lobotsky that hostile relations arose between Elena Molchenko and the famous actress.

When Elena realized that Anatoly Anatolyevich was not too suitable for creating a family, she turned her gaze to Alexander Fatyushin. In addition, he showed signs of attention to her for a long time: he carefully looked after her when she was injured during a rehearsal, surrounded her with warmth, gave undivided attention. And then he made a marriage proposal, bought a ring, and soon transferred it to him.

Natalya Gundareva nevertheless came to the wedding of Alexander Fatyushin and Elena Molchenko

Subsequently, Anatoly Lobotsky accused Fatyushin of taking his wife away from him, and Natalya Gundareva was never able to overcome her hostility towards Elena Molchenko herself. Perhaps it was because of this that the famous actress did not want to be present at the celebration of her friend's marriage, but later she came to congratulate him.

Alexander Fatyushin and Elena Molchenko

Elena Molchenko was then accused by many of greed and the desire to get married to an honored artist, laureate of the State Prize. But no one at the same time guessed that Fatyushin had no special wealth. He lived in a small one-room apartment, did not have any savings and did not know how to ask for either himself or his spouse. But he abused alcohol, was often sick and was very jealous.

Alexander Fatyushin and Elena Molchenko

She really loved him and tried to give him all her feelings and the warmth that he so needed. Elena Molchenko became the main and happiest love in the fate of Alexander Fatyushin, his guardian angel. But fate measured them only 17 years of happiness. On April 6, 2003, Alexander Fatyushin died of a heart attack.

Most viewers remember Alexander Fatyushin only in the image of the hockey player Gurin from the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears." But there could be much more such memorable roles in his filmography. All his life he seemed to be pursued by an evil fate - even if he got the main roles, these films remained unnoticed, and if the supporting role in his performance became no less vivid than the main roles of other actors, then the episodes with his participation were cut out from the final version of the film …

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