Ahead of the Year of the Dog: Queen Elizabeth II and her adorable corgi
Ahead of the Year of the Dog: Queen Elizabeth II and her adorable corgi
Queen Elizabeth II and her adorable corgi

The whole UK knows that their favorite, Queen Elizabeth II, adores charming Corgi dogs, which have long become a symbol of the Windsor family, and the breed itself is royal. How do these beloved eared ears live?

Elizaveta has been living in the corgi society since childhood. In 1933, a charming puppy appeared at the court - on short legs, with large eyes and ears. Parents gave it to their daughters, the eldest Elizabeth was then seven years old. The puppy's official name was Rosavel Golden Eagle, but everyone began to call him Duki. Elizabeth fell in love with him from the very first day.

The future queen on a walk with her pet in London's Hyde Park, 1940 Princess Elizabeth (right) and her sister Margaret in Windsor, 1940 Elizabeth and her father, future King George VI, in London with the dogs Duca and Jane, 1936

And on her 18th birthday, her parents once again made Elizabeth happy by giving her her own corgi, which she named Susan.

Elizabeth, 1953

Many years have passed since then, and cheerful barking is still heard in Birmingham Palace. And all these dogs are Susan's descendants already in the ninth generation.

Corgi, short-legged eared with a tiny tail, looks quite awkward outwardly, but this is not so. Until now, they are considered one of the best among herding dogs. They are characterized by great maneuverability and the ability to quickly pick up speed. In addition, they are very intelligent, observant and quick-witted dogs. "".

The Queen and Prince Philip at Liverpool Street Station, London, 1968 Elizabeth II with dogs at Aberdeen airport, 1974

Elizabeth's children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, also fell in love with these dogs and spent a lot of time with them.

Royal family with corgi "Sugar" and "Sweetie", 1955 Prince Charles and Princess Anne ride a makeshift swing at a sawmill in Scotland, 1957 Charles and Anna, 1957

The king's corgi are, of course, lucky. They are allowed to walk through the halls of the palace. There special rooms are equipped for them - a bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing room. In order not to catch a cold from drafts, they sleep in hanging wicker baskets on silk pillows. A special chef prepares a menu for them and prepares food. At Christmas, the queen does not forget about her corgi - she puts toys and various delicacies for them in her own holiday boots. The queen is happy to tinker with her beloved dogs - she walks them herself, feeds them when there is an opportunity.

Elizabeth with her mother, 1976 Elizabeth and the Dogs, Summer Vacation at Balmoral, 1976

She spends especially a lot of time with the dogs, arriving at the Sandringham country residence. Dressed in a raincoat and rubber boots, the queen walks with her pets for a long time, then combing them out. Here she feeds them herself. Here is how one of the guests describes the queen's everyday life: "". "".

Elizabeth, 1977

If Elizabeth had not been queen, she would probably have linked her life with horses or dogs. As a little girl, she was very fond of the time when she traveled out of town with her parents. There were horses, and the girl spent all the time in the stable. She learned to sit on a horse before reading and writing. To marry a farmer, permanently live outside the city, and have many children, horses and dogs - this was Elizabeth's childhood dream.

Often the queen takes her beloved dogs on trips, but only around the country, abroad is impossible - quarantine. Corgis feel great on such trips, and in carriages, and in limousines and trains.

1980 year

The queen often appears with her pets even at official receptions.

When the queen has a need to leave, the dogs remain in the care of the royal cynologist. Dogs of this breed are loved not only by Elizabeth. Loved them and her mother.

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and Queen Mother Elizabeth walking with a corgi, November 19, 1956 The queen mother on a walk with a corgi

Charles likes Labrador dogs better, but he also loves these fluffies. However, not everyone in the palace has the same warm feelings for them. Many employees of the palace complain about the wayward dogs that rush around the palace, getting tangled under their feet, and bite them on the ankles. From time to time, someone seriously gets from them - so it was with a watchmaker, a policeman, a postman. And in 1991, Elizabeth also got it, who rushed to separate the fighting flock.One of the dogs tapped her arm so hard that she even had to stitch it. But Elizabeth forgives her beloved pets everything.

After two King Corgis died of cancer in 2009, the Queen decided not to breed any more dogs of this breed, believing that the disease could be hereditary. And in order to improve heredity, she crossed the corgi with a miniature dachshund, having received a new breed - the dorgi. And only one corgi and two dorgis remained at the court.

Still, the queen had to back down from her decision and take on another corgi dog, Whisper. Once she herself gave it to the gardener's family. His wife then helped Elizabeth take care of the dogs. But she was gone, and this year the gardener also died. Whisper, left alone, nailed to the royal dogs, often walked with them. And the queen took pity on him and decided to take him to her nevertheless. Lucky dog ​​…

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