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What destroyed the first marriage of Vlad Listyev, and why he did not communicate with his daughter
What destroyed the first marriage of Vlad Listyev, and why he did not communicate with his daughter

After the death of Vlad Listyev in 1995, they talked mainly about his third wife, sometimes they remembered about the second. But there was his first love in his life, with which he met as a teenager. Their marriage turned out to be too short, and after that he never communicated with his daughter Valeria. The meeting between father and daughter was supposed to take place in April 1995, but on March 1, the famous TV presenter died.

The first love

Vlad Listyev in his youth

Since childhood, Vlad Listyev has been professionally involved in athletics, and therefore his parents, seeing a promising athlete in their son, sent him to study at a boarding school named after the Znamensky brothers. It was a very prestigious educational and sports institution, where candidates were selected solely for their sports data. Vlad's parents, Nikolai Ivanovich and Zoya Vasilievna, were the most ardent fans of their son and did not miss a single competition with his participation. They generally loved their son very much, and therefore the girl with whom he fell in love at the boarding school, Elena Esina, was accepted immediately.

Unfortunately, the father of the future journalist died at 42. There is information on the Internet that Nikolai Ivanovich committed suicide, but Elena Esina, who at that time was already in the family of her future spouse, claims: Nikolai Listyev died as a result of an absurd accident, and did not want to commit suicide at all. Moreover, there were no special prerequisites for this.

Elena Esina

Vlad Listyev and Elena Esina, after graduating from the boarding school, entered Moscow State University, Vlad entered the international department of the Faculty of Journalism, and Elena entered the Faculty of Economics. By the way, Lena made a significant contribution to the fact that the future star journalist nevertheless became a student. The fact is that the girl, unlike her lover, had impeccable literacy. As Listyev's daughter later said, Lena came to the exam with Vlad, and wrote an essay instead of him, making her way into a huge audience with other applicants. And among the large number of candidates, no one noticed her. As a result, Vlad Listyev received 4/5 for his essay.

Vlad Listyev

Already in the second year, Lena and Vlad began to live together, both to themselves and their parents it seemed quite natural. And in July 1977, the lovers legalized their relationship. Vlad Listyev swept all the surrounding flower beds, showered his beloved Lena with flowers, wrote touching postcards for her, deliberately making a bunch of mistakes in every word.

Subsequently, various media will write that the young family was destroyed by the mother-in-law's interference in the life of the newlyweds. However, it was she who at one time preserved all Vlad's letters that he wrote to her.

Another reason

Vlad Listyev

The business is that the very next day after the wedding of her daughter, Lydia Ivanovna went on a two-year business trip to Germany, where she, the chief commodity specialist of the department store near the Dobryninskaya metro station and the leader of trade, was sent to exchange experience with German colleagues. So the son-in-law sent letters to his mother-in-law, very detailed, sometimes twenty pages. In some he called her mother, in others - Lydia Ivanovna.

As Elena Yesina's mother later admitted, from these letters, and even from the handwriting - sweeping or even - it was possible to accurately determine whether everything is good in the relationship of the newlyweds or whether there are problems.If an idyll reigned between the spouses, then the mother-in-law was a mother and the handwriting in the letters became flying, but if there was a disagreement, Listyev called the mother-in-law by name and patronymic, and wrote neatly, evenly, with maximum pressure.

Vlad Listyev

Lydia Ivanovna helped the young family as best she could. From Germany, she constantly sent clothes and shoes, sometimes supplied with money. However, Elena and Vlad tried to build their lives on their own. Both studied well and received scholarships, and the young husband, feeling his responsibility for the family, also worked as a janitor and postman. He tried to pamper his wife, loved to give her expensive gifts. One of them - a chipped ring with an amethyst - is still worn by the daughter of a TV journalist, as a memory of her father.

But there were also periods of serious quarrels in a young family. One fall, when the students of the Faculty of Journalism went to the traditional "potato" at the state farm "Borodino", Elena decided to surprise her husband and came without warning him. I entered the dining room and saw Vlad kneeling in front of the girl Tanya. Elena immediately went home without saying a word to her husband.

Vlad Listyev

Subsequently, Vlad Listyev spent time with this girl more than once. Elena loved her husband so much that she forgave him short-term absences for another, tried to justify him, said that a creative person needs new emotions. True, this did not save her from jealousy and suffering. Perhaps it was the state of constant stress that caused the premature birth of the spouses' son. The boy was born seven months old and lived only three days.

Vlad Listyev

Then a new love appeared in the life of Vlad Listyev - Tatyana Lyalina, whom the journalist met during the 1980 Olympics, where he worked as a volunteer. When the young and burdened by the family Listyev was "caught" in the room of one of the hotels with Tatyana, a scandal erupted.

Elena Esina, who was already pregnant at that time, out of desperation wrote a letter to the Department of International Journalism. She asked to return her husband to the family, and did not demand to punish him at all, as the media would later write. She was not the reason that Vlad Listyev was not allowed on a business trip to Cuba. She just wanted to keep her marriage alive. True, there was, in fact, nothing to save.

The daughter who only saw her father on TV

Vlad Listyev

One day the woman's patience ran out. When her husband returned home after another romantic weekend on the other, Elena asked him to leave and give her the opportunity to calmly inform the child. Then Vlad Listyev persuaded his wife to think, not to chop off the shoulder, asked for forgiveness and made promises. But Lena by that moment was already tired of forgiving, understanding and waiting.

Valeria Listyeva as a child

It was not the child's father who took her from the maternity hospital with little Valeria, but the coach, Zariy Nikolaevich Entin, with whom Lena and Vlad once studied at the boarding school. The young dad appeared a little later. At first, Vlad Listyev visited his daughter, but after registering a divorce in 1982, he communicated with the baby only thanks to her grandmother Lydia Ivanovna. Leaving, for some reason, Vlad Listyev took with him all the joint photographs with Elena. Their further fate remained unknown.

Vlad Listyev

He rarely spoke to his ex-wife, but he called his mother-in-law, was interested in Valeria, shared his problems. He came when Lydia Ivanovna went for a walk with the carriage, and for an hour, or even two, walked honestly beside her. When his second son was born, he practically stopped appearing in his former family, only through the court demanded a reduction in the amount of alimony for his daughter.

Elena Esina and Valeria, daughter of Listyev, still believe that the lawsuit was filed not without the participation of the journalist's second wife. It was after this humiliating, as Elena Esina believed, procedure that she stopped communicating with her ex-husband. She was offended not by the fact of reducing alimony, because she could well provide for her daughter. The ex-wife of Vlad Listyev was offended by the fact that he did not come to her and simply did not voice his request, deciding to communicate with her through the court.

Valeria Listyeva (married - Osetskaya)

Valeria grew up just knowing that Vlad Listyev, a famous journalist and TV presenter, was her father.Grandmother Lydia Ivanovna really wanted to improve relations between her granddaughter and dad and was able to arrange a meeting between Vlad Listyev and her daughter in early April 1995. And on March 1 he was gone. They were never able to talk to each other.

In the 1990s, on television, strict announcers in closed suits were replaced by young presenters who were not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions or appear in the frame in a sweater and jeans. New names were heard: Vlad Listyev, Urmas Ott, Sergey Suponev and many others. What did they have to pay for their success?

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