Marilyn Monroe's Secret: How the simpleton Norma Jeane became the main seductress of Hollywood
Marilyn Monroe's Secret: How the simpleton Norma Jeane became the main seductress of Hollywood

Much has been written about Marilyn Monroe. So much that it seems that absolutely everything is known about this woman. But if you delve into all the stories, it turns out that this is only the visible part of the iceberg, and its larger and much more interesting part is hidden from the public. How did the pretty model Norma Jeane become Hollywood's most seductive siren, Marilyn Monroe?

Norma Jeane Mortenson was born in California (USA) back in 1926. The mother of the future legend was Gladys Pearl Baker, Norma never knew her father. The girl's surname was given by Martin Edward Mortenson, who was married to Gladys for a short time. Norma's mother led a very hectic life. She changed husbands chaotically. A hasty union was usually followed by an equally hasty divorce.

Aspiring model Norma Jeane

Norma Jeane had an older brother and sister, whom Gladys' first husband simply took away from her and took to Kentucky. This is despite the fact that the court granted sole custody to Gladys. For more than 12 years, Norma did not know the whole truth about her family. The girl's early childhood was quite happy. The trouble began after her mother was diagnosed as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia in 1934. She was placed in a clinic, where she stayed until her death, and they practically did not communicate with her daughter.

The adorable Norma Jeane has made a dizzyingly fast modeling career

From that moment on, Norma's life slowly turned into a nightmare. She went through both sexual harassment and beatings, went through several orphanages, and several foster families. About her life, Marilyn herself, in the future, spoke like this: “I was brought up quite differently than the average American child. Because an ordinary child lives and is brought up in anticipation of happiness. I have never had this expectation of happiness."

Norma Jeane's female happiness was fleeting and fleeting

At 16, Norma jumped out to marry 21-year-old James Dougherty. He was a Marine and lived next door. It was a marriage of convenience. The then foster family of Norma Jean had to leave the state, and the girl really did not want this. Norma's career as a model went up very rapidly. This annoyed her husband very much. Norma was not going to quit the modeling business, the relationship, which was not particularly warm anyway, finally reached a dead end. Norma and James are divorced.

The famous model Norma Jeane has attracted the attention of Hollywood producers

It has always been the most important thing for Marilyn to be in the spotlight. She really wanted to change her life, which she considered very gloomy and hopeless. Already being famous, in her interviews, Monroe shared: “The world around me was very dark. Since childhood, I loved cinema - everything there was so bright, so engaging. As a child, my adoptive parents often sent me to the cinema to get rid of for a while. I could sit there day and night! I was sitting in front of this huge screen, a very small child, and I only wanted one thing: to be like these people on the screen."

All Norma Jeane wanted was to be like an actress in a movie

Of course, such a beauty was quickly noticed by the producers. She began to offer fleeting roles in films. The CEO of 20th Century Fox, Ben Lyon, invited Norma Jeane to take on a pseudonym. The pseudonym was formed from the name of the Broadway star of the time, Marilyn (Miller) and the maiden name of Norma's mother, Monroe. The newly minted Marilyn Monroe worked tirelessly on her acting skills. She took dance and vocal lessons. Contrary to the prevailing image of a close-minded blonde, Marilyn was not only very smart, she was talented.Throughout her career, she studied serious acting. She strived for excellence and success tirelessly.

Success came to Marilyn, definitely. But the happiness turned out to be fleeting. Such a beautiful, so attractive, desirable and deeply unhappy woman. On the screen, she always created the image of a frivolous, playful blonde. She exuded confidence, success and incredible sexuality. Her photographs and films will serve as eternal proof that there has never been a more seductive actress in Hollywood, neither before nor after the incomparable Marilyn.

Marilyn was remarkable for her hard work and ambition

1953 was a very important, turning point for Marilyn. She starred in Niagara with Joseph Cotton, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Jane Russell and How to Marry a Millionaire, opposite Betty Gable and Lauren Bacall. Antagonism has always been a hallmark of Marilyn's work. She could be several hours late for filming. Or suddenly forget the words. From time to time she stated that she got lost in the studio. Billy Wilder, who worked with her on the film, was very disappointed with her behavior. But he spoke very highly of Marilyn's acting talent and performance. He highly respected and appreciated her, called her a great actress.

Success in cinema could not make Marilyn happy

In her next marriage, Marilyn entered with baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Despite the violent feelings, this marriage, like the first, also did not last long. Then Marilyn linked her life with playwright Arthur Miller. He was the screenwriter for Marilyn's last completed film, Inconsistencies. The film was released in 1961. Personal problems, drug problems and depression have done their dirty work. Monroe fell out with the management of the studio 20th Century Fox and only after a painful trial, they renewed the contract with her.

The bright star Marilyn Monroe went out very early - she was only 36

Only the incomparable Marilyn Monroe was not destined to finish work in any of the projects. In 1962, she was found in her home, in her own bed, with no signs of life. She was only 36 years old. The official version of her death is taking a large dose of barbiturates. But some suggest that it was nothing more than a murder. Many famous people wanted to silence the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Her connections with such influential figures in the establishment as the JFK indirectly support these assumptions in many ways. Joe DiMaggio claimed that he knew for sure that Marilyn was killed. And he even knows who.

Joe DiMaggio claimed to know who killed Marilyn, but we will probably never know the truth about this

According to what DiMaggio said, he and Monroe had a very close friendship until the end of her days. This is confirmed by the environment of the actress. Joe said that on the night of her death, he spoke to her on the phone and she was in a good mood. She was definitely not going to kill herself. He also bitterly stated that: “All Kennedy were murderers and they always got away with everything.” Of course, we will never know if his suspicions were true or false. Maybe it was just jealousy. But what we do know is that in addition to jealousy and obsession, Joe DiMaggio sincerely loved and respected Marilyn for the rest of his life.

Beauty and femininity are ageless

It's a shame that the bright star Marilyn Monroe went out so early. She left a very significant mark on the history of world cinema. Her ambition, beauty and femininity made her the romantic symbol of an entire era. She has inspired generations with just one look. During her very short and hectic life, she has achieved a lot. No one could figure out the recipe for her attractiveness.

She became the sex symbol of an entire era

The star herself in an interview with Life magazine said: “Beauty and femininity have no age, they cannot be created artificially. Producers won't like this, but real glamor cannot be created. It is based on femininity and sexuality. It is attractive only when it is natural and spontaneous. " Maybe this is the real secret of Marilyn's insane sex appeal through several generations and standards of beauty in society? For more on how her career ruined Marilyn Monroe's marriage and more, read our article. 10 celebrity couples whose families ruined filmingBased on materials

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