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Why did the daughter of Nina Ruslanova not become an actress, and how her relationship with the star mother developed: Olesya Rudakova
Why did the daughter of Nina Ruslanova not become an actress, and how her relationship with the star mother developed: Olesya Rudakova

In the filmography of Nina Ruslanova, there are almost 150 works in the cinema. She starred with Kira Muratova, Igor Maslennikov, Georgy Danelia, Alexander Blank, Alexei German and many other directors who appreciated the actress not only for the skill of transformation, but also for her incredible ability to work. Nina Ruslanova, who was brought up in an orphanage, always dreamed of a big family, but fate gave her the opportunity to become a mother only once. Olesya Rudakova studied at GITIS, but never became an actress.

Mother's love

Nina Ruslanova

Olesya Rudakova was born in 1976, when Nina Ruslanova was 33 years old. Doctors categorically forbade her to give birth because of a congenital heart defect, but the actress was very determined and was even ready to write a statement that in case of complications during childbirth, the doctors would not save her, but the baby. Fortunately, the parents of Gennady Rudakov, the husband of Nina Ruslanova, found doctors in Grodno who agreed to take difficult childbirth. The doctors did not have to choose whom to save, and Nina Ruslanova soon clung to her greatest treasure - her daughter Olesya.

True, in the registry office, the young dad was told that there was no such name, and the girl was recorded as Olga. However, she learned about her second name only in the fourth grade, because everyone called her, as her mother wanted, Olesya. The girl had an independent disposition and made her parents worried. In general, she was very independent, because her parents were busy all the time, mom - in the theater and cinema, dad - in the "mailbox" where he worked. His father also unloaded the wagons at night to feed his family.

Nina Ruslanova and Gennady Rudakov with their daughter Olesya

When it was time for Olesya to go to school, Nina Ruslanova first wanted to place her in a boarding school where the children of famous actors studied. But visiting this educational institution clearly reminded her of her own childhood in an orphanage, and the actress took the girl to school near her home.

The girl was going through the divorce of her parents quite hard, but over time she realized that her father had not left her. He came to all birthdays, was interested in the affairs of his daughter, took him to him when Nina Ruslanova was leaving for filming or on tour. But when Olesya grew up to adolescence, she made her parents worry.

Nina Ruslanova with her daughter

She threw noisy parties at home during her mother's absence, skipped school, and once left with her friend for four whole months without warning anyone. First, they visited Olesya's grandparents in Grodno. Then we went to the Baltic States to visit the relatives of a friend, then ended up in some Ukrainian city where a former classmate lived. When Olesya returned home, Nina Ruslanova only asked her to call when she was leaving … Just say that she was alive and hang up so as not to hear her mother swearing.

The obvious choice

Nina Ruslanova with her daughter

Despite the fact that Olesya actually grew up behind the scenes of the Vakhtangov Theater and even played in some tiny scene with her classmate, she did not dream of becoming an actress. She was very headstrong and attended only those lessons that were interesting to her - biology and literature.

When her daughter was threatened to stay for a second year due to poor academic performance, Nina Ruslanova took her on an excursion to the construction site, showing how they work there, asking Olesya to choose who she wants to become: a painter or a plasterer. The next day the girl gave up all her "tails".

Nina Ruslanova with her daughter

At the age of 14, she worked and helped her mother, traded in a souvenir shop on the Arbat, and after graduation she did not go to college, she preferred to get a job. But after a couple of years, the parents still insisted on getting higher education. Olesya did not know mathematics and other exact sciences, so she chose, on the advice of her mother, at VGIK, and later transferred to GITIS.

Own road

Olesya Rudakova and Nina Ruslanova

The longer Olesya studied at the institute, the more clearly she understood: the acting profession is not for her. She realized that she had no moral right to be worse than her mother, but whether she would become better was completely incomprehensible. Anatoly Romashin, the master of the course where Olesya Rudakova studied, tried, in her words, "to mold her into a second Ruslanova." But the girl was completely different.

As a result, she received a law degree, worked at a military tribunal, at the army headquarters. And her rapprochement with the cinema nevertheless began thanks to her mother. Nina Ruslanova asked her daughter, as a lawyer, to deal with the agreement, according to which, as it seemed to her, she was deceived. And then other artists began to turn to Olesya Rudakova. And soon she already "plunged" into the cinema. She was an assistant, later grew to a casting director, graduated from the production department.

Nina Ruslanova with her daughter and grandson Kirill

When Olesya's son Kostya was born, she finally realized how many gray hair she added to her mother with her antics. Then she came to her and asked for forgiveness. And although Nina Ruslanova considers herself a bad mother, because she did not raise her daughter, Olesya Rudakova has a different opinion: she has the most wonderful mother in the world. By the way, Nina Ivanovna is sure that she has the perfect daughter. They can quarrel and reconcile, emotionally react to what is happening around, but both know: they have each other and this is the main thing. True, now they also have Kostya, Olesya's son, who is almost 12 years old.

Olesya Rudakova and Nina Ruslanova

When Nina Ruslanova had a stroke at the end of December 2009, the baby was just born, and she was alone at home with him. Olesya became alarmed only a few hours later when her mother stopped answering calls. Doctors did not give any positive predictions, but the actress still recovered. At first, she could not write and speak, she just cried in silence, and after she began to learn the alphabet with her grandson, she also fingered cereals from Kostya, developing fine motor skills of her hands, and learned children's poetry. Speech therapists studied with her, she persistently learned to do everything anew on her own, uttered sounds, sang. Thanks to the support of Nikita Mikhalkov and Alexander Kalyagin, I went to a sanatorium. And she was able to fully recover. True, she made the decision never to go on the stage again so that the audience would remember her young and beautiful.

Olesya Rudakova and Nina Ruslanova

But now the mother and daughter have one common cause. They run a summer movie camp where children are really taught how to make movies. Nina Ruslanova is its artistic director, she always comes to the first shift and is present at the awards ceremony. Olesya Rudakova is happy that she has such a mother. Real in movies and in life.

In the cinema, Nina Ruslanova was often offered the role of characteristic heroines - wicked, sharp-tongued, down-to-earth "women from the people." The actress was often identified with her heroines, such as, for example, Katka-Airport from "Gypsy". But behind the scenes, she was not frivolous, absurd and rude, as the audience was used to seeing her.

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