What crazy handmade "broken" furniture looks like, as if escaped from the films of Tim Burton
What crazy handmade "broken" furniture looks like, as if escaped from the films of Tim Burton

Woodworking is one of the first crafts that a person mastered. Wood is a very pliable material for the instrument, it is strong, light and beautiful. It is not surprising that wooden products have long been included in the life of people and enjoy their constant love. The masters of this complex business are very much appreciated, because this skill requires a lot of patience, knowledge, the right tools and, of course, a lot of experience. It doesn't matter if you are a skilled craftsman or just a connoisseur of this craft, you will undoubtedly admire the work of the carpenter - Henk Verhoff. This master has managed to turn the craft into a real art and creates furniture from fairy tales.

Carpentry developed on the basis of carpentry and construction. Over time, new, more sophisticated tools appeared, and with them new techniques and technologies for wood processing. The essence of carpentry is the skill of processing and joining parts.

Joiner Henk Verhoff with his creation

Once you master the basics of this craft, you can bring to life the most daring and even very strange images from your imagination. In this sense, you will be inspired by the amazing work of the carpenter Henk Verhoff, whose real passion is carpentry.

The master claims that he is not inspired by fairy tales, but all his products are the fruit of his extremely strange imagination

This amazing craftsman hails from Auckland, New Zealand. He devoted his entire life to the craft of woodworking. He became famous for his creations quite by accident - his daughter simply shared photos of her father's creations with colleagues on Facebook. People were not only surprised, they were amazed at Henk's unique style of work.

Henk's furniture looks like it's broken, but it's fully functional

The dressers he creates look like they are damaged beyond repair. However, they are fully functional. When these pieces became wildly popular on the web, Henk's daughter, Linda, decided to create a personal Facebook page to showcase her dad's work.

Henk's fabulous dressers have delighted netizens

When asked about his style of work, Verhoff says: “I myself describe my style of furniture making as broken or strange. I love making weird furniture that you can't find in stores."

So far, all the fantastic pieces adorn the Verhoff house

It is quite possible to decide that the master draws his inspiration from fairy tales. But Henk himself says that this is completely wrong. He claims that all of his creations come exclusively from his "twisted brain." From what these chests of drawers look like, you can guess what hard work needs to be done to make them. But Henk is not just a master of his craft, he is a true artist!

Making such furniture requires a lot of painstaking work

“It's hard to say how long it takes to make each item. This usually takes a total of a week. I can't say exactly how many hours. Eighty, maybe a hundred,”says Verhoff.

If during assembly it turns out that some parts do not work, then you have to start all over again

Sometimes during assembly it turns out that some parts do not work. The master has to start all over again. Mostly the carpenter uses New Zealand pine. Sometimes other types of wood, but rare.

Wood is a very malleable material

Before retiring to his well-deserved retirement, Henk worked as a cabinetmaker for 53 years! Now his work for him is not even just a hobby - it is his real passion.

The master promises to arrange an auction when the furniture will have nowhere to put in his house

Despite the fact that many people are interested in buying these magical dressers, the master says that they are not for sale at the moment.“I started creating furniture just out of love for my craft, with no intention of selling it.”

The master uses New Zealand pine for his products

“Maybe when I have too little space in my house for my furniture, then there will already be an eBay auction. Basically, everything is for sale … Except for my wife,”Henk jokes.

Henk is overwhelmed by offers to sell his magic dressers

At the moment, all the fantastic dressers he created decorate his house. Neither Linda nor her father even imagined that the furniture would be such a resounding success. Although, without a doubt, she deserves the warmest praise. “I was just shocked that my daughter's post, which she posted just to share with colleagues and friends, went viral. I never could have imagined anything like this!”- says the carpenter.

Everyone wants to have a chest of drawers from a fairy tale in their home

Let's hope that the master continues to amaze us with his intricate creations! Read about another unusual designer in our article. a sad harlequin of Italian design: how Alessandro Mendini made ordinary things extraordinary.

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