Exhibition “Taimyr. Genius of the Place "opens in Moscow
Exhibition “Taimyr. Genius of the Place "opens in Moscow
Exhibition “Taimyr. Genius of the Place "opens in Moscow

On the evening of February 26 at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts, which is located in Moscow, an exhibition titled “Taimyr. The genius of the place. " Representatives of the news outlets told about this.

For display at the exhibition were selected works created by contemporary artists, as well as works belonging to the brush of the classics. In addition to paintings, visitors to the exhibition could see Dolgan calendars, ritual masks, materials that were found in 1965 during the expedition: field diary entries, photographs, reports, watercolors, etc. materials were not displayed.

Elena Titova, director of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts, spoke at the opening ceremony and called Taimyr a difficult land, which is filled with amazing energy, has great potential, and has a complex history. All the events taking place there are attractive to a modern person and arouse genuine interest among many.

Most of the exhibits for the Moscow exhibition came from the Taimyr Museum of Local Lore. The director of this museum, Olga Korneeva, said that more than two hundred items from the number of decorative and applied arts were selected for her. She also said that Taimyr has long been considered a land about which there are a lot of legends and tales. This is a beautiful, harsh and at the same time amazing land. At the moment, representatives of five Arctic ethnic groups live here. The main task of museums is to preserve objects that tell about the unique culture and history of these peoples.

Previously, this exhibition was held in Dudinka, or rather in the local Taimyr Museum of Local Lore. In the Russian capital, this exposition is presented in an updated version, since it was supplemented by the corresponding exhibits that were found in the collections of Moscow museums.

The exhibition is based on the ethnographic collections of the Taimyr Museum of Local Lore, which is one of the largest northern state museums in the Russian Federation. The exposition presents ethnographic objects of the 19th-20th centuries, which tell about the peculiarities of the culture of the Evenks, Nenets, Nganasans, Dolgans and Enets.

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