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6 of the cutest and most popular feline Instagram accounts
6 of the cutest and most popular feline Instagram accounts

A distinctive feature of modern culture is the universal love for cats! Internet communities, memes, and illustrations dedicated to mischievous fuzzies have flooded the Internet. And it is not surprising that cats with an expressive appearance have their own Instagram accounts, numbering thousands and tens of thousands of subscribers …

Mango is a round and stern cat from Japan

From instagram @bo_mang_co

One of the most popular cats in the whole world is the Mango kitty from Japan. She shares a home with her owner and two more neighbors - a cat named Boss and a cat named Coco, with whom she is in a relationship. According to the owner, Coco is the common daughter of Mango and Boss. However, the entire family does not appear in the photo very often, and 90% of the content is the life story of Mango. The skeptical expression of the face, the spherical shape of the body and the habit of sitting almost humanly made her the heroine of many memes. True, few people know that this is a cat, and prefer to call Mango in the masculine gender. In the comments, one can also find condemnation from the advocates of a healthy lifestyle, but the owner claims that he is trying to maintain the diet and physical activity of his pets.

From instagram @bo_mang_co

Despite the fact that Mango's favorite pastime is to lie on various surfaces and look judgmental at everyone, she often "fights" with a toy fish or makes a small scandal with her friend Boss. Definitely, we are all sometimes a little cat Mango. Mango and her family have three hundred and fifty thousand subscribers.

Boko and Zuu - Japanese sages

The ups and downs of Zuu's life. From instagram @pechanko_bocco

Two more charming citizens of Japan are cats Bokko and Zuu. Long-haired exotic Zuu became famous due to his resemblance to the canonical image of the Japanese sage - a wise and sad look, "beard" … However, he is also a big fan of cosplay and appears in the photo on Instagram, sometimes in the costume of the ominous doll Chaka, or as a charming "gothic lolita".

Bocco is always surprised by something. From instagram @pechanko_bocco

His short-haired friend Bocco is always surprised by something - apparently, Zuu's regular reincarnations. Their happy owner is called Chika, and she devotes a lot of time to caring for her favorites, because exotics are a capricious breed. Exotic friends have one hundred and seven thousand subscribers, but their Instagram has only existed for a couple of years - which means that Chika and her cats are still ahead.

Smoothie - Extremely Fluffy Cat

Fluffy Cat Smoothie. From instagram @smoothiethecat

Smoothie is called the most photogenic cat in the world. No funny poses and hilarious facial expressions, solid and unconditional beauty! Smoothie is a British Longhair cat. She lives in the Netherlands.

Smoothie just doesn't have bad photos!

Like any cat, she loves to wallow on sofas and armchairs, climbs into bags and boxes, but does all this with unsurpassed grace. No wonder Smoothie has over two million subscribers! Smoothie has a buddy called … Milkshake (quite expected). He has his own instagram, although they often appear in the photo together.

Snoopy - a cat that looks like a plush toy

Snoopy the cat

Snoopy is another exot, a representative of the breed that appeared in the United States, and he himself was born and raised in China. On the Internet, you can find information that this velvet handsome man lives in Japan - apparently because of the famous love of the Japanese for everything charming. At first, his owner, Ninh, posted amateur pictures of the pet on the Weibo social network, but a huge number of likes and admiring comments inspired her to create accounts on all available social networks.

Photo from instagram @snoooopybabe

I must say, Snoopy is a real stoic.With an equally sad expression on his face, he puts on all the outfits that a creative hostess offers him, takes a bath, looks out the window … Snoopy has two hundred and eighty-five thousand subscribers, but his popularity is much wider. For example, today on the Internet you can find the word "snoopy" not as the name of a specific exotic, but as the name of the breed.

Gravescull is a yoga lover with a creepy nickname

Photos of Graveskull from @graveskullthepersian

Gravescull is a Persian cat whose name means … "grave skull". Its owners, a married couple from New York, are big fans of the cartoon "He-Man and the Lords of the Universe", one of the locations of which is the Gray Skull Castle. However, they changed Grayskull to Graveskull, because they thought it would sound more interesting. A fluffy cat with an always dissatisfied expression on her face regularly helps the hostess to do yoga and monitors the correct performance of asanas, and is still not against nursing the baby of its owners. In her free time, she prefers to lie down on a stack of clean linen or relax in a personal box.

Hosiko - Golden Scotsman from Moscow

World famous cat from Moscow - Hosiko

And, of course, the list of the cutest cats on the Internet would be incomplete without the Russian star - Hosiko. The representative of the Scottish Shorthair breed lives in Moscow, but is popular all over the world. An unusual name for him was chosen by the little mistress Ksenia, and her father, Roman, is engaged in the Instagram of the royal Scotsman. Around Hoshi (as his ardent fans call him) there is a whole cult. He is often painted, his images appear on mugs, T-shirts, pillows … Photos of the cat appear in calendars, on postcards and posters. Hosiko actively promotes some brands - for example, he collaborates with the Mars company and represents the Whiskas brand. Ads of other companies also appear on his instagram - however, the owners joke that the cat is not the main breadwinner in their family, and they have no price list for advertising. They publish recommendations for cat owners - for example, video instructions for photographing pets, reminding of the need for veterinary control and proper nutrition.

Photos @hosico_cat

Today, Hoshiko has almost two million subscribers, leaving many enthusiastic comments to his favorite every day. Among them is Robert Downey Jr., who once even compared himself to Hosiko - both in the photo had a sad and tragic expression on their faces. However, it is almost impossible to meet live with the main star of the catoinstagram: Hosiko is a real introvert and categorically does not tolerate the presence of strangers.

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