The choreographer, who will soon turn 100, dances every day and conquers new fans
The choreographer, who will soon turn 100, dances every day and conquers new fans

Dinky Flowers has lived a long and tumultuous life. The dancer, figure skater and choreographer from Great Britain knew real stellar take-offs, because once upon a time, crowned persons admired her talent. In May 2021, the woman will turn one hundred years old, and she shows an example of inexhaustible energy and optimism. Recently, due to the pandemic, her dance school was closed, but the grandmother did not become discouraged and now teaches classes in her own garage, and gives all the money to charity. - Dinky answers reporters when asked about age.

This girl learned to conquer people with her art from the age of three. It was at this age that Dinky first appeared on stage in a theatrical production. She later studied in London at the Academy of Theater Arts and along the way studied at a dance school. The talented girl was also fond of figure skating, she performed on ice under the name Dinky Stapleton.

Dinky Flowers in his youth

Fate more than once arranged real adventures for Dinky. Although, probably, she always looked for them herself. So, for example, in 1954 she went to the British Trade Fair in Iraq. In a hot country, the performance of the figure skater and the ice show caused such a sensation that even the head of the country drew attention to the talented dancer. As a result, Flowers got one of the most vivid impressions in her life: she gave figure skating lessons to the whole family of the last king of Iraq.

However, this was not her only "royal performance". She also danced in front of Prince Philip. Whether Elizabeth II was present at the performance is unknown, but the amazed prince even sent a letter of thanks to the artist the next day. Today Dinki proudly shows reporters this almost 70-year-old document.

Despite the stormy life and constant touring, Dinky turned out to be a good wife and faithful wife. She lived all her life with one man, gave birth to a daughter and raised four grandchildren, who, however, have already become adults a long time ago. Her husband was the manager of the famous Raymond Revuebar club in London, he passed away in 2005.

100-year-old dancer has set up a small ballroom in her garage

Despite the coming years, Dinky Flowers did not agree to part with her beloved profession. She gradually became older, her stage career, of course, had to be completed over time, but the dancer found a way out. She opened a choreography school and taught there quite successfully for the last 50 years. Over the years, even her first students managed to grow up and grow old, but their ageless teacher still demonstrates excellent stretching and is not going to give herself indulgences because of age.

Talking to reporters on the eve of her 100th birthday, the grandmother promised to continue to exercise and go for walks, in total she plans five such active days a week. A load like this wouldn't hurt most of us! According to Dinky, the main secret to longevity and good physical shape is not to sit still and use your body., - says the choreographer, recommending everyone to do at least a little bit of dancing.

Recent years have been especially difficult for the elderly teacher. Her school was closed during the pandemic, but Dinky did not lose her presence of mind.She does not stop dancing every day and is actively involved in charity work. On her website, she raises funds for the British National Health Service. And recently she took part in the dance show "The Greatest Dancer" and made a splash.

Dinky Flowers performing in the dance show "The Greatest Dancer"

- says the woman who gave her whole life to dance.

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