Adele started a secret Twitter because of her talkativeness
Adele started a secret Twitter because of her talkativeness
Adele started a secret Twitter because of her talkativeness

The managers of the famous singer Adele from Britain banned her ward from writing messages on her official Twitter account. As a result, the girl had to create a secret page for communication. She shared this news with her fans during her performance in Australia.

Adele also told about the reason for such actions of her managers. It turns out that they consider the singer to be too chatty, and besides, she does not always say the right things. It is her talkativeness that has caused Adele to not use her own Twitter account the way she wants.

The fact that the British famous singer got herself a new page on the social network, her press agents were not informed, but after such a story to the fans, they learned about Adele's secret actions. Adele's managers were banned from using her personal page back in the fall of 2015 … The reason for such serious restrictions was a number of posts that were published by the singer on Twitter while she was intoxicated. Messages on her official page continued to appear further, and Adele still remains the author of them, only she can no longer publish them on her own. Before getting on the page, such messages undergo double moderation and must be approved for publication from the celebrity's press agents.

Immediately after graduating from the London School of Performing Arts and Technology, which is the only public independent school in the UK, where students learn in various fields of fine arts, Adele began to rapidly build her musical career.

Today Adele is one of the most successful singers of our time. She is annually invited to various musical events and receives prestigious awards. She was invited to the presentation of the prestigious Grammy 2017 music award, where she received several statuettes at once in such categories as: "Best Album", "Record of the Year", "Best Pop Solo Performance", "Best Single".

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