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Which films were included in the selection of the best TV series of the 21st century
Which films were included in the selection of the best TV series of the 21st century
Which films were included in the selection of the best TV series of the 21st century

Watching TV shows has long ceased to be the lot of housewives: today they are watched with pleasure by literally everyone, and the 21st century has already managed to give the world several real masterpieces. They certainly cannot be called banal tearful melodramas. So, what is such a masterpiece in no case can you miss?

Peaky Blinders

The Shelby family are Gypsies living in Birmingham who are engaged in illegal betting business and not only. While the men fought, women were in charge of it all, but the First World War was finally over, and all family members managed to return. Churchill himself highly appreciates their merits, because it was thanks to the tunnellers that enemy guns fell silent and the soldiers suffered less losses. However, their business continues to be illegal. Trailer for the series is available for viewing.

Dr. House

The evil lame doctor sitting on Vicodin does not trust anyone, especially his patients, tolerance is completely alien to him and he did not care what people think about his person. And yet Gregory House not only works in Princeton-Placeboro, but also heads a very special diagnostic department there, mercilessly bullying his subordinates. He makes fun of one because of an influential father, another because of her skin color, and the third because she is a woman. Trailer for the series is available for viewing.


Lester Nygard leads a completely ordinary life: despite the fact that he is an adult man, he continues to be bullied by the school abuser, his wife constantly nags him for not earning much, and he really earns little, being probably the most unlucky insurance agent in Minnesota. But a chance meeting in the hospital with the criminal and sociopath Lorne Malvo completely changes his life. Is it for the better?

Very strange things

Everyone knows that boys know how to be friends. Especially if they are school outcasts and are used to standing up for each other like a mountain. Therefore, when one of them disappears, it becomes a blow to the whole company. Guys are ready to do anything to get a friend out, that's just where. Perhaps the answer to this question will be given from nowhere from the girl who came from, who says that her name is Eleventh.

True detective

The investigation, which stretched over several years and turned into a dramatic story of a strange friendship, begins with a terrible find - the corpse of a young girl, and the murder was clearly ritual. New partners Marty and Rusty are tasked with leading the investigation, but the men are still unable to solve the case. Only 17 years later, when both of them are already leaving the police, the truth is revealed, and it turns out that their friendship has passed the test of time.


Mr. Holmes is a highly active sociopath and a consultant to the London police. He helps in investigations where she is completely powerless. Well, Dr. John Watson is his ideal companion. Together they investigate the strangest incidents that abound in modern London, and together they face the most terrible criminal that can be imagined - James Moriarty. In their investigations, they are always helped by the charming pathologist Molly Hooper.

Game of Thrones

The iron throne of Westeros is not just a symbol, it is a completely real power, for which they are ready to fight and kill, including members of their own family. And while the ambitious rulers are at war, the members of the brotherhood guard them from a much more terrible threat that moves from the north with winter and threatens to cover the Wall.It will not be enough for those who sit on the throne to retain power over the seven kingdoms - they will need to protect them from the White Walkers. And also from the dragons raised by Princess Daenerys.

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