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"Chukotka Hachiko" and other dogs that proved that loyalty exists
"Chukotka Hachiko" and other dogs that proved that loyalty exists

The abandoned dog spent several months on the ice of the Nagaev Bay in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Most likely, the dog was abandoned by the team of one of the ships, and he tried to wait for the owner to the last, staying in one place. Recently, local volunteers and rescuers conducted a whole operation to catch the animal, because the ice in the bay began to melt, and in a few days Chernysh could be on an ice floe in the open sea. The dog has already been named "Magadan" or "Chukotka Hachiko", however, in addition to the Japanese dog, other cases of the same, really canine loyalty are known.

This northern story is truly sad, because people clearly left the dog on the ice in the middle of winter. It was discovered by fishermen in March 2020. It immediately became clear that the dog was waiting for someone and was not going to leave its place. The animal was wary of people - it did not allow it to come close and refused to accept food from its hands. They noticed him on the ice only thanks to his black skin, so they called him Blackie. Of course, there were caring people who undertook to feed him, but the food had to be left several meters away. Later, the volunteers became interested in the fate of the dog, however, like the fishermen, they could not do more for the animal.

"Chukotka Hachiko" Chernysh still does not trust people

When the ice in Nagaev Bay began to melt, the question arose about saving the dog. Everybody hoped to the last that his owner would show up, but it was impossible to wait any longer. It turned out to be very difficult to catch the Chukotka Hachiko. At first, the volunteers tried to catch up with him on the ice on snowmobiles, and only when the dog was tired, they were able to throw nets. While Chernysh is in a shelter, where he is fed and treated, but a foster family has already been found for the dog. One of the fishermen who fed him earlier decided to take his faithful dog to him. It is hoped that the new owner will be able to find an approach to the distrustful animal.

Greyfriars Bobby

One of the first such stories to become widely known was the sad fate of the Skye Terrier Bobby, who guarded the grave of his deceased owner for 14 years. It happened in Scotland at the end of the 19th century. The dog belonged to a local lineman and for about two years this pair was inseparable. When the owner died of tuberculosis, Bobby began to live at his grave. He left only occasionally - to the nearest restaurant, where he was fed, and in especially severe frosts he could sometimes agree to spend the night in houses near the cemetery.

Greyfriars Bobby Monument and Headstone, located at Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Of course, the faithful dog has become a local celebrity. In 1867, he could have been caught on the street, like a stray dog ​​(while another action was being carried out to clean up the city). However, Bobby took the Lord Provost of Edinburgh himself, Sir William Chambers, under his protection. The dog was then considered the property of the municipality and a special collar with an engraved brass token was made for it. Bobby died in 1872 and was buried as close as possible to the place of his lifetime "post", at the cemetery gates. The dog was immediately erected a monument and a red memorial plate on the grave with the words:. This story has become a source of inspiration for many authors - several books have been written about Bobby and feature films have been made.

Constantine from Togliatti

In the summer of 1995, on one of the busiest streets of Togliatti, passers-by began to notice a large dog.The dog was thoroughbred, and since German shepherds are rarely thrown out of the house, the compassionate townspeople tried to find its owners, tame the dog, or at least build a kennel for him, but the dog only ate all the "goodies" and again went on duty to the road, watching the cars. So he lived on the street for seven years until he died. The locals began to call him Faithful or Constantine.

Monument of Devotion in Togliatti at the intersection of the Southern Highway and Lev Yashin Street

We will probably never know what kind of dog it was and why it had been waiting for its owners for so many years. The people about Verniy-Constantin have put together several legends - one is more romantic than the other, but most of the townspeople are sure that the dog was the only survivor of a car accident. Probably, in order not to lose faith in humanity, it is better to think this way, because the faithful animal followed all the passing cars with its gaze to the last and happily rushed to each cherry "nine". On June 1, 2003, the Monument of Devotion was opened in Togliatti, the bronze dog on it still looks at the road. The sculpture always has a lot of flowers, because this monument has become a place where newlyweds are sure to come to be photographed.

The name of the famous dog, which is now called such faithful "lost", has long become a household name, because the legendary Hachiko is considered a symbol of devotion in Japan.

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