The girl with Down syndrome became the face of the cover: 13 new shots of the solar model
The girl with Down syndrome became the face of the cover: 13 new shots of the solar model
Model Girl with Down Syndrome

Only recently did we write about Madeline Stuart, 18-year-old Australian with Down syndromewho dreamed of becoming a fashion model. And now the goal has been achieved! Maddie signs her first major contract to become the face of an American women's sportswear brand "Manifesta", which targets women of all shapes, sizes and types.

Cheerful Maddy Madeline Stewart The new face of the Manifesta brand

Madeline decided to become a model after losing 20 kg to improve her health. “Considering everything Madeline does, we are very honored that she is presenting the Manifesto,” says the company's corporate blog. "In the same way that Madeline seeks to break stereotypes and change the idea of ​​what a model should be, our firm is trying to prove that the fashion industry cannot be narrowly focused, the same brand can serve women of different sizes and atypical looks."

Dreams Come True! Madeline - model Madeline Stewart Madeline advertises women's sportswear

Madeline Stewart had a dream to become a professional model, and it came true. The girl works tirelessly to achieve her goal, she goes in for sports and dancing, leads a healthy lifestyle. And her mother supports and actively helps her in everything. “She really wants to change public attitudes towards people with disabilities,” said Maddie's mother.

Maddie's best support is her mom Young princess Madeline looks queen! Slender and lovely

“People with Down syndrome can do anything, they just do it at their own pace. Give them a chance and you will be rewarded for your wildest expectations. I think it's time to acknowledge that a person with Down syndrome can be sexy and beautiful. I want people to stop apologizing and sympathizing when I say that my daughter has Down syndrome, because it’s very naive,”says the girl’s mother.

Adorable young model

Today Madeline Stewart is successful and famous, and all thanks to the fact that she persevered towards her goal and, having lost 20 kilograms, I decided to become a model!

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