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Happy and Unhappy Bond Girls: Which Actress Was A Triumphant, And Who Was A Victim Of Bond
Happy and Unhappy Bond Girls: Which Actress Was A Triumphant, And Who Was A Victim Of Bond

James Bond films have been released on screens for almost 60 years, during which time more than 50 actresses starred in the roles of the girlfriends of the main secret agent, among whom were the first beauties of world cinema: Carole Bouquet, Sophie Marceau, Eva Green, Monica Bellucci, etc. But among them there are also such actresses, whose names after a short high point were forever forgotten, and their careers were destroyed, since the "girlfriends of agent 007" were rarely called for good roles by the directors. It even made journalists talk about the "curse" of the Bond girls. Which of the actresses thanks fate for this role, and for whom it has become a stigma - further in the review.

Ursula Andress

Ursula Andress Sean Connery and Ursula Andress in Doctor No, 1962

The very first Bond girl in the 1962 film "Doctor No" was the Swiss actress Ursula Andress. Later she was called the best girl of agent 007, and her appearance in the frame "from the foam of the sea" in a rather frank white bikini for those times - the most exciting moment in the history of world cinema. In the 1960s. she was called the standard of beauty and one of the most coveted actresses. Behind the scenes, her novels attracted even more attention - for 8 years she was in a relationship with Jean-Paul Belmondo, whom she called the love of her life.

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ursula Andress

After the Bond film, Ursula Andress starred in dozens of different countries of the world, in 1981 she even starred with Sergei Bondarchuk in the joint project of the USSR, Italy and Mexico "Red Bells", but she did not manage to repeat her former success. Her only award was the 1963 Golden Globe for Best Debutante for Doctor No. Every year she received fewer and fewer new offers, and then they disappeared altogether. For everyone, she remained a "Bond girl". At the same time, her popularity did not fade away. The magazine "Maxim" in 1995 recognized her as "a woman for all time" and placed her photo on the cover.

Ursula Andress then and now

Honor Blackman

Honor Blackman and Sean Connery in Goldfinger, 1964

Another Bond girlfriend played by Sean Connery in 1964 was Honor Blackman in Goldfinger. This actress is remembered for being one of the "oldest" girls of agent 007 - during the filming she was 39 years old (and her partner Sean Connery was 34)! However, at that time, and in her mature years, she looked much younger than her years. Her acting career has developed quite successfully, in her filmography - work in popular television and film projects "The Avengers", "Colombo", "Doctor Who", "The Mummy: Prince of Egypt", "Diary of Bridget Jones" and others, but world popularity she was brought to the role of the Bond girl, which became her calling card.

Honor Blackman then and now

Diana Rigg

George Lazenby and Diana Rigg in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969

This actress was fortunate enough to play the only Bond girl whom he took down the aisle. True, the wedding day was the last in her life, and this ending was called the most tragic in the history of Bond. The fame of the actress was short-lived and quickly faded. In the cinema, her career did not work out, but on the theatrical stage she succeeded.

Diana Rigg then and now

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour as Bond Girl, 1973

In 1973, Jane Seymour played Bond Girl, played by Roger Moore. For the 22-year-old actress, this role was one of the first notable films. After that, she starred a lot, mainly in serials and television films, and her most famous role was not the Bond girl, but the main character of the popular TV series "Doctor Quinn, the woman doctor." In her arsenal - 2 Golden Globes, an Emmy Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jane Seymour then and now

Barbara Bach

Barbara Bach and Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977

Before becoming a Bond girl, American model and actress Barbara Bach played minor roles in TV series, and the image of the Soviet spy Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me became her finest hour. But she did not take advantage of this chance in her creative life, which cannot be said about her personal life: 4 years after filming, the actress married Ringo Starr, the drummer of the Beatles, and has not acted in films since 1986, devoting herself to taking care of family. Despite the fact that the role of the Bond girl was the only bright work in her filmography, the actress more than once expressed her disgust for this character, calling him "a chauvinist who uses women as a human shield."

Barbara Bach then and now

Carole Bouquet

Carole Bouquet in For Your Eyes Only, 1981

In 1981, French actress Carole Bouquet became Bond's girlfriend in For Your Eyes Only. She was called the owner of the longest legs in the history of Bond and one of the most beautiful girlfriends of agent 007. Although this film work brought her worldwide popularity, the actress herself did not consider her significant. Her further career was successful: Carole Bouquet's partners on the set were Adriano Celentano (Bingo Bongo) and Gerard Depardieu (Too Beautiful for You). The last work brought her the highest French award - the Cesar Prize. For 20 years, Carole Bouquet has remained a successful and sought-after actress, having played more than 50 roles. In addition, she has built a career as a model, becoming the face of famous brands. For about 10 years, the actress lived in a civil marriage with Gerard Depardieu.

Carole Bouquet then and now

Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau in The World Is Not Enough, 1999

French actress Sophie Marceau became Bond's girlfriend at 33 in the film The World Is Not Enough, where her partner was Pierce Brosnan. By this time, she was already a real star - at the age of 14 she became famous after starring in the movie "Boom". Both before and after the Bond film, Sophie Marceau starred a lot, earning a reputation as one of the brightest, most beautiful, successful and sought-after French actresses.

Sophie Marceau then and now

Eva Green

Eva Green and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, 2006

Agent 007, played by Pierce Brosnan, was replaced by Daniel Craig in 2006 "on duty", and French actress Eva Green, already known at that time for the lead role in the film "The Dreamers", which provoked a scandal due to her frankness, became his new girlfriend. … A year before filming in Bond, the actress made her Hollywood debut, and this work was the next step in her ascent to Hollywood Olympus. Eva Green continues to act in films, having achieved considerable success in the profession by her 40 years.

Eva Green then and now

Olga Kurilenko

Olga Kurylenko and Daniel Craig in the film Quantum of Solace, 2008

In 2008, the role of the Bond girl in the film "Quantum of Solace" brought worldwide popularity to the Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko, originally from Berdyansk. She began her career in 1996 as a model, having signed a contract with a Paris agency. Since 2005 she started acting in films, and after 3 years she got her starring role. Since then, Kurylenko has continued to act in films in the USA, Great Britain, Belgium, France and other countries of the world. There are more than 30 works in her filmography.

Olga Kurylenko then and now

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci in 007: Specter, 2015

Probably the most unusual Bond girl was the brilliant Monica Bellucci - she played this role at the age of 50! This actress does not need introductions - she has dozens of roles in legendary films. She admitted that she was surprised and flattered by the offer to play in the movie "007: Specter", and stressed that she was not a girl, but a Bond woman, and did not worry about her age at all: "".

Monica Bellucci at the premiere of 007: Specter in 2015

Monica Bellucci destroyed stereotypes all her life: Film debut at 26, motherhood at 40, Bond girl at 50.

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