Behind the scenes of the film "Two Captains": the tragic death of the director and the difficult fates of the actors
Behind the scenes of the film "Two Captains": the tragic death of the director and the difficult fates of the actors
Heroes of the film Two Captains, 1976

April 19 marks the 116th anniversary of the birth of the Soviet writer Veniamin Kaverin (real name - Zilber), whom most readers know from the novel "Two captains"… The tragedy of Captain Tatarinov's expedition, lost in the Arctic, based on real facts, left no one indifferent, and the novel was filmed twice. In 2001, based on the book, the musical "Nord-Ost" was staged, the history of which was interrupted by a terrorist attack in 2002. Behind the scenes of the film "Two Captains" (1976), there are also many tragic moments: soon after the filming, the director died, and the fate of many actors was dramatic. Which of them ended up in prison, and who finished their days in a psychiatric hospital - further in the review.

Heroes of the film Two Captains, 1976 Still from the film Two Captains, 1976

The writer finished work on the novel in 1944, and in 1955 his first film adaptation was released - a one-part film by V. Vengerov. The premiere took place in 1956 and attracted 32 million viewers in cinemas. In 1974, director Yevgeny Karelov, known for the films Two Comrades Served and Seven Old Men and One Girl, took up work on a six-part version of Two Captains. Filming lasted 2 years, thanks to the considerable timing of the film, the film reproduced the plot of the book quite fully. The film premiered on television in February 1977 and attracted millions of viewers.

Film director Evgeny Karelov

Unfortunately, this film was the last in the director's creative biography. Soon after the end of filming, the life of Yevgeny Karelov ended tragically. On July 11, 1977, the director died of a heart attack while swimming in the sea. Boris Tokarev, an actor who played the role of Sani Grigoriev, spoke about his sudden departure: ""

Boris Tokarev

For Boris Tokarev himself, the role of Sani Grigoriev became fateful - she brought him all-Union popularity and became one of the brightest in his filmography, along with the films The Dawns Here Are Quiet and Hot Snow. He began acting in films at the age of 12, and from childhood both Kaverin's novel and Vengerov's film were among his favorite works. Then he could not even dream that he would play a major role in the new film adaptation of "Two Captains". “, - said Boris Tokarev. - ". In the 1990s. Boris Tokarev disappeared from the screens. Back in 1977, he graduated from the directing department of VGIK and began making films himself. Soon director and production work fascinated him much more than acting, and since then he has released several films and series, including "My Angel", "We were not married in church", "Distance" and others.

Boris Tokarev

The film "Two Captains" was one of the last works for the actor Nikolai Gritsenko, who brilliantly played the role of Nikolai Tatarinov. Boris Tokarev said: "". The last film with his participation was released in 1978. In addition to memory gaps, signs of mental disorder began to appear. Unfortunately, the remarkable actor ended his days in a psychiatric hospital and died in 1979.

Nikolay Gritsenko in the film Two Captains, 1976

The fate of the actor who played the main character in childhood, Sergei Kudryavtsev, was tragic. Having starred in 4 films as a teenager, he retired from the cinema and got involved with gangsters. In the late 1970s. he was sentenced to 9 years. In the last years of his life he became addicted to alcohol, and in 2003 he died - he was hit by a car.

Sergei Kudryavtsev in the film Two Captains, 1976

The star of the films "Quiet Don", "The Fate of a Man" and "Cossacks" Zinaida Kiriyenko played the mother of Sasha Grigoriev in "Two Captains".In this film, she starred after a forced long pause - she refused the unequivocal proposal of a high-ranking official, and in revenge he did everything to make the audience forget about this actress for the next 10 years. In 1974 she returned to the cinema and starred in Two Captains.

Zinaida Kirienko in the film Quiet Flows the Don, 1957 In the film Two Captains, Zinaida Kirienko played the role of Sani Grigoriev's mother

Elena Prudnikova, whose hallmark for many years was the role of Katya Tatarinova, devoted more than 40 years of her life to theater and cinema, and in 2011 she went on a well-deserved rest - she raises her grandchildren and is happy to do household chores.

Actress Elena Prudnikova in the film Two Captains, 1976 Elena Prudnikova in the film Two Captains, 1976, and in 2017

Actor Vladimir Zamansky, known for his films "Eternal Call", "Solaris" and "Two Captains", in 1997 stopped acting in films. Together with his wife, they left for Murom and dedicated their lives to God. "", - the actor explained his choice.

Vladimir Zamansky in the film Two Captains, 1976 Irina Pechernikova as Maria Tatarinova

Irina Pechernikova became a star after the release of the film "We'll Live Until Monday." Abroad she was called "the Soviet Audrey Hepburn with the eyes of a deer." The actress called the role of Maria Tatarinova her beloved. Although initially she did not want to play Katya's mother - after all, she was almost the same age as her "daughter". But the director's arguments were very convincing: "". In the 1990s. Pechernikova disappeared from the screens - in the new cinema she was unclaimed. Because of this, the actress began to have problems with alcohol. She managed to cope with this addiction, but she never returned to the cinema.

Actress Irina Pechernikova, 2010

Another famous actor died at a young age, who brilliantly played the role of Romashov in "Two Captains". Personal drama of Yuri Bogatyrev: what accelerated the departure of the actor.

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