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Screen test photos: famous actors who failed to get the coveted roles
Screen test photos: famous actors who failed to get the coveted roles
Screen tests of your favorite actors

In the creative career of even the most successful and popular actors, there are not only triumphs, but also failures and even outright failures, and the coveted roles sometimes remain only in dreams. So, Nonna Mordyukova did not get into the film "12 chairs", and Alla Pugacheva did not manage to play the role of Anna Karenina. In our review, there are rare photos from unsuccessful screen tests.

1. "Ivan Vasilievich is changing his profession"

Photo tests of Evgeny Lebedev, Yuri Yakovlev and Evgeny Evstigneev for the role of Ivan Vasilievich Photo tests of Andrey Mironov, Vyacheslav Nevinny and Leonid Kuravlev for the role of Miloslavsky Three queens - Natalia Gundareva, Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Natalia Selezneva

2. "12 chairs"

Photo tests of Nonna Mordyukova for the role of Madame Gritsatsuyeva

3. "Prisoner of the Caucasus"

Photo tests of Natalia Selezneva for the role of Nina Photo tests of Natalia Kustinskaya for the role of Nina Photo tests of Marianna Vertinskaya for the same role of Nina Photo tests of Oleg Vidov for the role of Shurik

4. "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson"

Photo tests of Alexander Kaidanovsky and Vasily Livanov for the role of Holmes

5. "Anna Karenina"

Photo tests of Alla Pugacheva for the role of Anna Karenina

6. "The Adventures of Pinocchio"

A couple of failed Pinocchio

7. "Hussar Ballad"

Photo tests of Lyudmila Gurchenko for the role of Shurochka Azarova Three more applicants for the main female role are Alisa Freindlich, Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Valentina Malyavina

8. "Girls"

Photo tests by Valentina Malyavina for the role of Tosya and Alla Larionova for the role of Anfisa

9. "War and Peace"

Photo tests of Larisa Golubkina and Lyudmila Marchenko for the role of Natasha Rostova Two more contenders for the role of Natasha - Valentina Malyavina and Lyudmila Gurchenko Photo tests of Kirill Lavrov and Innokenty Smoktunovsky for the role of Andrei Bolkonsky Eduard Martsevich and Yuri Solomin also auditioned for the role of A. Bolkonsky Photo tests of Andrey Konchalovsky for the role of Pierre Bezukhov Nikita Mikhalkov almost became Petya Rostov

10. "Andrey Rublev"

Photo tests of Vladimir Vysotsky for the role of centurion Stepan

11. "Marshall Star"

Vysotsky is auditioning for the role of Blucher and, possibly, for the role of General Charnota in The Run Photo tests for the role of Pugachev

12. "Over the Yew" …

Photo tests for the role of a border guard in "Above Tissa", d'Artanyan, an anarchist sailor in "Red Square"

It is interesting, many years after filming, to find out about 10 behind-the-scenes facts about the filming of the most iconic Soviet film "D'Artanyan and the Three Musketeers".

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