Thrash Couture Nancy Judd: Junk Evening Dresses
Thrash Couture Nancy Judd: Junk Evening Dresses
Thrash couture: an evening dress made from advertising paper

All experienced housewives know the principle “never tell what is made from what”. This golden rule applies not only to kitchen magic, it claims to be versatile. However, designer Nancy Judd is not afraid to reveal his cards, but willingly tells how much of all trash has turned into evening dresses. The interest of viewers in the products of the trash fashion designer only grows from this.

Thrash couture: evening dress finished with stripes of aluminum

A wedding dress from newspapers, an outfit from old children's books … What's next? Oh, the prospects are very bright. Evening gowns can be sewn from mail-order advertising paper, old hotel sheets, videotape, cut-out aluminum plates, rusty nails, and even glass. You really have to be very brave to show up at an event in such an outfit. It's not just about appearance (by the way, everything is fine with him). It’s somehow scary that you can get hurt or get an infection.

Trash couture: evening dress decorated with broken glass

Nancy Judd's collection is called "Recycle Runway". It's fun to create elegant outfits from old, seemingly useless clothes, says the trash fashion designer. Each dress from the collection took from four days to two and a half weeks of work.

Thrash Couture: Videotape Evening Dress

American Nancy Judd began to invent outfits and jewelry as a child, but does not consider herself involved in the fashion industry, which creates a frightening amount of unnecessary things, while spending millions of dollars on them.

Thrash couture: evening dress made from hotel sheets

A talented lady has been working in the field of recycling raw materials for several years, but only a fashion project helped her to draw public attention to this problem. What can you do, people love everything bright and unusual. And under a beautiful sauce, they can swallow the "tasteless", but important thought about the need to recycle waste.

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