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In search of the ideal: Four beloved women in the life of the romantic Vladimir Mashkov
In search of the ideal: Four beloved women in the life of the romantic Vladimir Mashkov
Vladimir Mashkov

He is always impressive and self-confident. In an interview, he confesses his love to women and is proud of his popularity. He is successful and recognized not only in Russia, but also in Hollywood. Sometimes it seems that behind the mask of a womanizer and darling of fate, Vladimir Mashkov hides the tender soul of a romantic who is still in search of his ideal.

Elena Shevchenko - first love

Vladimir Mashkov and Elena Shevchenko

Vladimir Mashkov met his first love at the Novosibirsk Theater School. Elena Shevchenko was his classmate, and youthful love seemed to them the love of their whole life. Separation seemed inconceivable, love is eternal, and marriage was the only reasonable solution in this situation.

After the wedding, weekdays followed. It was required not only to talk about love, but also to bear mutual responsibility for the family, find compromises and restrain the expression of one's own emotions. And the spouses clearly lacked restraint. They swore passionately, then reconciled, and again brawled with rapture.

In the heat of another quarrel, Vladimir Mashkov gave his wife, already pregnant by that time, a slap in the face. She complained about him at the school, and the hapless brawler was immediately expelled from the number of students for assault.

Vladimir Mashkov with his daughter, actress Maria Mashkova

The expulsion did not particularly upset Mashkov. He left for Moscow and entered the Moscow Art Theater School. The young wife gave birth to a daughter and, leaving the baby in the care of her grandparents, moved to the capital after her husband, became a student at GITIS.

However, the spouses could not restore the relationship. A divorce soon followed, each began his own life.

Alena Khovanskaya - common-law wife

Vladimir Mashkov and Alena Khovanskaya

Ironically, Alena Khovanskaya, like the actor's first wife, was his classmate. But that was the only similarity between the two women. The bright beauty with dark expressive eyes turned out to be an almost ideal wife. She diligently arranged their life and was sympathetic to the creative throwings of her beloved. No passionate showdown, no scandals. Vladimir Mashkov at first was really passionately in love and happy. But soon he got bored, began to stare at other women.

Alena, having learned about the infidelity of her beloved, quietly and without hysterics invited Mashkov to leave.

Ksenia Terentyeva - married wife

Vladimir Mashkov and Ksenia Terentyeva

The fateful acquaintance with the charming TV journalist and successful fashion designer Ksenia Terentyeva took place at Kinotavr in 2000. She interviewed Mashkov, and the amorous actor instantly flared up with a new passion. The spectacular blonde seemed to forever take a place in the heart of a womanizer. Both were confident in the strength and inviolability of their feelings.

Xenia adopted the Catholic faith to marry Mashkov. The married wife began to help her husband in everything, whether it concerned the development of stage costumes or the study of the English language.

But the prospect of moving with her husband to America did not appeal to her. And Ksenia took her husband's desire to have a son rather coolly. Vladimir Mashkov went to the shooting in Hollywood alone.

Oksana Shelest - American love

Vladimir Mashkov and Oksana Shelest

In the city of dreams, he starred in the movie Let's Do It Fast. On the set, he could not help but pay attention to Oksana Shelest, an actress with Ukrainian roots. The sultry beauty won him over with her bright appearance, temperament and qualities of a real hostess. She not only responded ardently to the feelings of Mashkov.Oksana quickly managed to polish her lover's personal yacht, and this is how she struck down the amorous macho.

Vladimir Mashkov

True, Oksana was in no hurry to respond with consent to the marriage proposal. But it was simply impossible to refuse passionate Mashkov. The actor went down the aisle once again. The news that his wife had a son did not bother him. Andryusha became a family for Vladimir Mashkov. The boy responded to the actor with complete reciprocity and began to call him dad.

But this time too, Mashkov turned out to be true to himself in inconstancy. When Oksana found out about his betrayal, she did not sort things out, but simply filed for a divorce. The actor first appeared in the role of an abandoned husband.

Vladimir Mashkov

Vladimir Mashkov, after the last divorce, periodically started new novels, talked about the newly flared up passion with Ksenia Terentyeva.

But the ardent actor reunited with his last wife Oksana Shelest. Down the aisle, they are in no hurry and refuse to comment on their personal life. Maybe the fourth season of passionate Mashkov's passion will be the final one?

Vladimir Mashkov is far from alone in his numerous marriages and divorces. The stars do not always manage to meet theirs on the first try.

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