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Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov: "And through everything I feel you "
Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov: "And through everything I feel you "
Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov

The whole life of Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov passed under the sign of love. The one who "is longsuffering and merciful." There were periods of ups in relationships in their lives, there were also difficulties. But their love withstood all trials, strengthened and became the meaning of life. They were happy for 46 years. And even when he left where they did not return, the memory of him and his love remained with her.

Teacher and student

Ada Rogovtseva

Ada Rogovtseva, who constantly played in school plays, was going to become a journalist. But her friends began to persuade the school graduate not to hide her dramatic talent, but to enter a theater institute. And she decided to take a chance, submitted documents to the Kiev Institute of Theatrical Art. Karpenko-Kary. A talented applicant easily passed the competition and became a student on the course of Konstantin Stepankov.

Konstantin Stepankov

Already in the first year, she sympathized with her teacher, and he also singled out a beautiful girl with charming dimples on her cheeks. But both of them could not open up in their sympathies: he already had a family, and the connection between the student and the teacher could have unpleasant consequences for both.

Konstantin Stepankov

And later it happened that Ada fell while filming from a horse. At this point, Konstantin Stepankov could not help but take the opportunity, he went to visit his student, clutching a huge bouquet of chrysanthemums in his hands. From that moment on, their lives merged into one. Ada and Konstantin secretly met, but their love was simply impossible to hide. She was guessed literally in everything.

When their relationship ceased to be a secret, Konstantin Petrovich was persuaded to part with the student, accused of immoral behavior, and removed from teaching. But this in no way affected their relationship. It only remained to wait until Ada graduated from the institute in order to legitimize their relationship and their feelings.

Ada Rogovtseva in the film

When a young theater graduate brought her future husband to meet her family, her grandmother suddenly opposed her marriage. Apparently, she considered Konstantin not quite a suitable party for her beloved granddaughter and began to speak impartially about Konstantin Petrovich.

Ada Rogovtseva in the film

Ada Nikolaevna did not argue and prove something. She just took his hand and left. She didn't care where they went. The main thing is to be together. They managed to rent an apartment in an incredible way, which became their first family nest.

At the same time, the actress never concealed anger at her grandmother for that incident. In general, few believed that their feelings were real. They were too different, but they were united by love. In 1959, Ada Rogovtseva married Konstantin Stepankov.

Family life

Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov

Outwardly, everything in their life was beautiful and cloudless: two talented people, happy in the profession and in the family, could not help but admire. But in reality, everything was far from always easy and simple.

Konstantin Petrovich loved to drink, which was the reason for family quarrels. And then it suddenly turned out that he was seriously ill. A lot of everything fell on the fragile shoulders of Ada Nikolaevna at once: the illness of her mother and husband, little Kostik, who was recently born, work in the theater.

Ada Rogovtseva

She did not grumble, she was just very tired and prayed only that all her loved ones would recover, and she had the strength to do everything. The actress put her Petrovich on his feet, as she called him at home.

Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov with children, Kostya and Katya

A little later, Katyusha was born in the family.Then every year they began to celebrate the birth of their daughter at five in the morning, the time when she was born. There was more trouble in the family, but at the same time there was more happiness. Both of them, Rogovtseva and Stepankov, turned out to be wonderful parents, ready to do anything for the sake of their children.

Happy spouses

They did not get tired of confessing their love to each other. In separation, they wrote tender letters to each other. And they kept diaries, in which they thanked fate again and again for the happiness of being together.

Love and separation

Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov

In recent years, Konstantin Petrovich was very ill. Relatives hid the terrible diagnosis from him, but he still felt that he was leaving. He almost never left the house, looked at his relatives with love and tenderness, saying goodbye forever. Ada Nikolaevna and Katyusha did not leave him for a minute, trying to alleviate his suffering.

Spouses with children

He left on July 22, 2004. Ada Nikolaevna did not know how she could continue to live without him. And she began to write the book "My Kostya". About him and about themselves, about their endless happy love. Together with her daughter, they carefully collected all letters and photographs, entries from diaries in order to write honestly about their life. And each new line from the book seemed to continue the life of their love, making it eternal. She dedicated nagging lines to him.

Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov Ada Rogovtseva

She always feels him near. He does not exist in the physical sense, but he disappears from her thoughts, memories, dreams, as she will not.

Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov were not the only star couple in the Soviet Union. at first sight. And for life.

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