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Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky: Why the last love of the disgraced revolutionary was accused of his death
Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky: Why the last love of the disgraced revolutionary was accused of his death

The Mexican artist is known not only for her unique paintings. Despite the pain and physical suffering, Frida Kahlo was distinguished by a lively character and liberation. All her life she loved her husband, the eccentric monumentalist Diego Rivera, but, tired of his endless betrayals, she started romances on the side. One of her hobbies was the disgraced Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, whom she literally lost his mind. After the tragic death of Trotsky, she came under suspicion of involvement in his death.

Short novel

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo was adorable in her spontaneity. She adored her husband, who was more than twenty years older than the artist herself, but suffered from his endless betrayal. However, no one bothered her to take revenge on him with the ardor and passion inherent only to her. She was mysterious and attractive, painted stunning pictures and shone in society.

Due to a serious injury, the artist always kept her back straight and resembled a goddess. True, she destroyed her own royal image with ease, for she was distinguished by a very lively disposition and character of a tomboy. Her speech was replete with obscene expressions, she smoked cigars and did not hide her addiction to alcoholic beverages, preferring tequila.

Frida Kahlo

She could have a passionate quarrel with her husband and immediately start an affair with a man or woman. At the same time, Frida Kahlo could not imagine her life without Diego Rivera, shared his political views and forgave any of his antics. They were members of the Mexican Communist Party, and Frida supported her husband when he decided to seek political asylum for Leon Trotsky.

In 1937, Frida Kahlo traveled to the Mexican port of Tampico to meet Trotsky and his wife. If it were not for kidney disease, Diego himself would certainly have been with her, but at that moment he was in the hospital. Frida brought Leon Trotsky and Natalia Sedova to their house with Diego. Trotsky was conquered by Frida from the very first minutes of their acquaintance. It seems that he did not even notice her physical disabilities and lameness, Kahlo was so charming and charismatic.

Natalia Sedova, Frida Kahlo, Leon Trotsky and Max Shachtman

The artist immediately responded to the revolutionary's sympathy. At first, they exchanged love notes, which they passed to each other, hiding between the pages of communist books. But Leon Trotsky completely lost his head. He almost openly showed his feelings for the artist, which could not hide from his wife.

When Diego Rivera returned from the clinic, Trotsky tried to restrain his impulses, which could not be said about Kahlo. She literally flaunted her relationship with the revolutionary, wanting to hurt the feelings of her husband. True, Rivera was almost calm, but Natalya Sedova still could not stand it and threw a huge scandal to her husband, after which he left for the San Miguel Regla hacienda, a hundred kilometers from Mexico City.

Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky

Frida spent only a week there, after which she got bored with the novel, and she did not feel special feelings for the 58-year-old Trotsky. Her goal was revenge on her husband, and she was able to enjoy his jealousy and suffering. She didn't need Trotsky anymore.

He also had an attack of appendicitis, and he was admitted to the hospital.Some sources claimed that the attack was imaginary and the revolutionary imitated it, wanting to arouse the pity of his beloved. But Frida Kahlo never returned to him, but on Trotsky's birthday she presented him with her self-portrait "Between the Curtains" with a touching signature: "I dedicate this work to Leon Trotsky with deep love."

Murder charge

Frida Kahlo

After parting with Kahlo, Leon Trotsky begged forgiveness from his wife, sold the archive taken out of Russia, acquired a house in Cayoacan and engaged in the harmless and far from revolutionary activity in breeding chickens and cacti. By the way, when leaving the hacienda, Leon Trotsky chose not to take a gift from his former lover with him.

In May 1940, under the leadership of David Alfaro Siqueiros, the first attempt was made on Trotsky, which turned out to be unsuccessful, and in August, an agent of the NKVD of the USSR Ramon Mercader completed what his associates had begun. On August 21, Trotsky died from injuries inflicted on him by an ice pick.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera were the first to come under police suspicion. As it turned out, in 1939 the artist met with the murderer in Paris, naturally, the authorities wanted to find out the reasons for the meeting. Rivera was suspected of being connected with Siqueiros. The situation was aggravated by the fact that by the time of Trotsky's death, the spouses slightly "corrected" their views. And they turned from supporters of Trotskyism into adherents of Stalinism. After the assassination attempt, and then after the death of Trotsky, the spouses were interrogated for a long time, but they were still released, since they were able to prove their complete innocence in the crime.

The affair with Trotsky remained for Frida Kahlo a pleasant adventure, which allowed her to make her beloved Diego angry and jealous. She died in 1954, and her husband, with whom she divorced, and then reunited, survived her by only three years.

Love story Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera how dramatic, so full of real sincere feelings. The story of their love is an incredible example of how a loving person, even suffering from physical pain, knows how to prioritize not his own experiences, but feelings for another person.

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