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How Oleg Menshikov saved the life of Margarita Shubina
How Oleg Menshikov saved the life of Margarita Shubina

Today she is a successful and sought-after actress, on account of which there are more than 40 works in films and TV shows, and after all, Margarita Shubina could become an artist or a writer. But she chose theatrical for herself and became famous thanks to her work in "Emergency", "Turkish March", "Matchmakers" and many other projects. In the most dramatic moment of her youth, Margarita Shubina met Oleg Menshikov, who, without exaggeration, saved her life.


Margarita Shubina

Margarita Shubina was born in April 1966, and her mother has always been the closest person to her. Dad, unfortunately, was present in her life purely nominally. He was a famous athlete, periodically appeared on the doorstep of the apartment where Margarita lived with her mother, and then disappeared again in an unknown direction.

However, Margarita never complained about the lack of attention, her mother was enough for her. She trusted her all her secrets, shared her successes and victories with her. The girl grew up very active and, by her own admission, was a real hooligan and daredevil.

Margarita Shubina

Her energy was enough for everything: "catching up" with peers, classes in an art school and participation in Olympiads. It was after the victory in the city Olympiad in literature that Margarita Shubina was awarded a referral to enter the literary institute. But she did not at all imagine herself sitting decorously at an easel or a typewriter, and therefore after graduating from school she went straight to GITIS, where she entered from the first attempt.

Already in her fourth year, Margarita Shubina was invited to the Mayakovsky Theater by Andrei Goncharov himself, but after graduation, the actress chose the troupe of the Mossovet Theater, where she still serves today. Then a brilliant film career awaited her, but all this might never have happened in her life.

A drama that turned life

Margarita Shubina as Charlotte Ivanovna in the play "The Cherry Orchard"

Margarita was only 20 when, leaving after a rehearsal at the theater, she suddenly felt some kind of inner anxiety, the reasons for which she could not explain. Instead of taking the usual route to the subway, the actress suddenly caught a taxi and rushed home, mentally urging the driver on.

Margarita burst into the apartment, ran through the rooms, and saw her mother lying on the bathroom floor. Later they will talk about the woman having a knife sticking out of her heart, but Margarita Shubina refutes all this. Even the investigation could not answer the question of what exactly caused the fall of the mother.

Margarita Shubina in the play "The Moral of Lady Dulskaya"

There were no visible wounds or signs of a struggle on it. Margarita called an ambulance and spent most of the night under the windows of the hospital while the operation was underway. Unfortunately, they could not save the woman. At just 20 years old, the girl was left completely alone, without any support.

She could not be in the apartment where the tragedy occurred, she could not live and breathe normally, walk the streets and communicate with colleagues. The life of Margarita Shubina was divided into "before" and "after". She wrote poems filled with darkness and bitterness, asked questions to the universe and could not find answers to them.


Margarita Shubina

For a whole year after the death of her mother, the actress could not recover. She does not even remember how she lived this difficult year, where she spent the night, with whom she saw, what she ate and whether she ate at all. And after Pyotr Fomenko invited her to the play "Caligula", however, in the second cast.In the first, Margarita Terekhova and Oleg Menshikov worked, and the performance, in general, was built specifically for them. At some point, Margarita Terekhova left the project, and after that Pyotr Fomenko set out to close Caligula.

Oleg Menshikov

Then Oleg Menshikov convinced the director not to give up the play and offered to put Margarita Shubina in the main role instead of Terekhova. At that time, Oleg Menshikov was already a star. He was 28 years old and behind him were "Pokrovskie Vorota" and "Captain Fracasse".

After the words of Oleg Menshikov, Margarita, by her own admission, grew wings behind her back. Then serious rehearsals began, and the actress suddenly realized that her older and more experienced colleague had become the real center of the universe. Then it was simply impossible not to fall in love with him. He possessed some kind of crazy charisma, even stray dogs, as Shubina recalled, stopped and looked at the star with loving eyes.

Oleg Menshikov

The actress always says: it was not that there was (or was not) a relationship between them. The point was the influence that Menshikov had on the formation of the personality of the actress. He gradually, step by step, returned her desire to live and create. She again began to write poetry, began to notice the colors around her, inhale smells. Then she wanted to live again.

The relationship between actors cannot be called a novel in the full sense of the word. At least, Menshikov never imagined Margarita Shubina as a fiancée, did not invite him to marry, and did not take him to his parents for a bride. Yes, she herself did not need it at that moment. She learned to live anew. For three years of friendship with Menshikov, the actress again fell in love with life.

Margarita Shubina

Margarita Shubina admits: everything she says about Menshikov concerns only her. It was she who was in love and basked in the rays of the actor's charm, waiting with bated breath for his call from a business trip and dreamed of meeting. He could see and feel in a completely different way, but then it didn't matter. He became a saving straw for the actress, grabbing which, she got out of the sucking quagmire of her own depression.

She still speaks with gratitude and warmth about Oleg Menshikov and admits that her life could well have been very dramatic. And, perhaps, there would be no film work. Saving love is about her relationship to Oleg Menshikov.

Unlike Margarita Shubina, Tatyana Dogileva does not even want to hear about Oleg Menshikov. For many years they were bound not only by business relations, but also by strong friendship. They were practically inseparable and, it seemed, no forces could destroy their tandem. But for several years now they have not communicated with each other at all, and Tatyana Dogileva cannot forgive Oleg Menshikov.

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