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Experts told what are the advantages of e-books
Experts told what are the advantages of e-books
Experts told what are the advantages of e-books

Reading books is a fun activity that has millions of fans. And in the age of high technologies, many people like to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the plot under the rustle of paper pages. At the same time, purchasing a paper edition today is not a cheap pleasure. And the search for books takes time. Therefore, e-books are becoming more and more popular these days. Therefore, many people prefer to save themselves from unnecessary trouble and at the same time save money. In addition, today even the rarest editions that cannot be found in stores can be found in electronic libraries.

The main advantages of e-books

E-books are considered the preferred option for reading lovers today. And this phenomenon has several advantages.

1. Huge selection. Online libraries always have a huge selection of books of different genres and different authors. The reader's choice is practically unlimited. Whereas when buying a traditional printed edition, you need to be prepared for the fact that the book you read will go to the shelf. And in the electronic library you can find the desired book at any time. And even if we are talking about new items, you can read books online in full.

2. An e-book is a "green" book. E-books are a great way to keep trees from being cut down.

3. Simple interface and ease of use. E-books come in handy because you can format the cover and text however you like. This is a huge benefit for visually impaired people. In addition, you can always take an e-book with you, even if it is 5 volumes of Tolstoy's novel War and Peace.

4. Fast search and convenient bookmarks. An e-book is a great opportunity to easily find a chapter or passage you like using the quick search function. In addition, you can easily bookmark or mark a desired location.

How to choose an electronic library

Currently, the network has a huge number of electronic libraries with a variety of books. Choosing which library to become a user in order to read books online for free,

it is worth paying attention to whether you need to register on the resource. It is important to pay attention to three important factors: the number of books, the ease of use of the library and the functionality of the resource.

A high-quality electronic library is a great opportunity to enjoy reading your favorite book at a convenient time. In addition, there are no restrictions on the number of views and downloads. Most libraries have filters that allow you to find the books you need and remove unsuitable options from the search.

Cons of e-books

1. Inconvenience in reading. Yes, it is really convenient to carry e-books in your bag, but reading is not. More precisely, it is completely inconvenient. Many people get tired of their eyes even when reading from expensive gadgets. The fact is that when reading text from a bright screen, the eyes strain. When reading paper books, this does not happen.

2. Poor quality. This is substantial minutes, but experts believe that this will change over time. Very often, no one reads books on the Internet, and scans from paper sources that are recognized by FineReader are placed in electronic libraries. As a result, the text is full of hieroglyphs, cubes and whole passages of unreadable text.

3. Facelessness of design. All books that are counted from electronic media look the same.Therefore, in fact, all textual information turns into a stream of unstructured information.

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