How to grow roses at home
How to grow roses at home
How to grow roses at home

Rose is the most beautiful flower of all, so it's not in vain that florists offer roses for legal entities emphasize that this bouquet will give status to the event. This versatile flower will come in handy for any occasion and can be gifted to both men and women.

How to grow roses at home?

Of course, many would like to grow a rose at home, so they often leave a branch from the bouquet to give roots. It is necessary to immediately warn that the event is rather difficult, but there is still a small chance.

Rules for growing roses from

  • The fresher the cutting, the faster it will root. Therefore, if you want to take a rose from a bouquet, it should stand as little as possible in the water;
    • For the rooting process, it is better to choose our imported roses, which are treated with different substances for long-term storage.

  • You will need a flower, pruner, soil and root;
    • For the cutting, we select a site with several buds 15 cm long;

  • Under the lower kidney we make an oblique cut at 45 degrees, the upper cut is straight;
    • We remove the leaves and put them in water with a growth stimulant;

  • We prepare the soil in the ratio of 1 part of sand and 2 parts of humus;
    • Almost the entire cutting should be underground, based on these conditions, we choose the size of the pot;

  • You can plant a rose in three ways: in a potato, removing its eyes from it, in the ground or in water.
    • We are waiting for the appearance of the roots.

  • You need to grow on the southern windowsill.

If the roses have taken root, then it remains to properly care for the flowers, do not flood them with water and keep them on the sunny side of the house.

Well, those who do not want to deal with seedlings are invited flower delivery by courier in Moscow in the shortest possible time. Treat your beloved with a bouquet of roses as soon as possible.

Why is it profitable to buy on the website:

  • A large selection of plants and flowers, including exotic ones;
    • You can buy ready-made cuttings of roses in pots;

  • If you wish, it is easy to choose a ready-made bouquet from the catalog or order an author's one;
    • A wide variety of beautiful packaging for flowers to choose from: baskets, boxes, paper;

  • There are additional gifts for the bouquet: fruits, chocolate, toys, postcards;
    • Easy payment without leaving your home, and fast delivery to the specified address;

  • Experienced florists can give advice on care, choosing flowers, make floral phyto designs in the office or at home;
    • If necessary, you can place an order for decorating a table or hall for an anniversary or wedding.

    Roses are always in demand, so bouquets with them are the most popular. Surprise your lady with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and it will not go unnoticed.

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