Where to celebrate the New Year 2018 if you don't want to stay at home
Where to celebrate the New Year 2018 if you don't want to stay at home
Where to celebrate the New Year 2018 if you don't want to stay at home

There is very little time left before the onset of winter and the most important holiday - the New Year. Already today, many are planning how and where they will spend the New Year holidays.

You can just relax at home in the warmth, enjoying watching your favorite films with loved ones. Those who find this option too boring should consider traveling. There are many places where you can celebrate the New Year 2018 in a fun and interesting way, you just need to buy tickets or book a package tour.

An interesting option would be to travel to Istanbul. On New Year's Eve, there are numerous shops, restaurants and cafes that do not close until early morning. You can buy tickets for a ship sailing on the Bosphorus. This ship offers beautiful views of the New Year's city, offers champagne and delicious food.

This holiday is always associated with snow and cold. But breaking stereotypes is easy - you can go to celebrate the New 2018 in the city of Pattife, which is one of the most famous resort cities in Thailand. There is a lot of entertainment for tourists: inexpensive shopping, numerous street concerts, a disco on the central beach, etc.

A good option would be to visit Israel. This option is suitable for those who like to get acquainted with something new, take interesting excursions, and for tourists who choose to travel to warm countries to soak up the beach in the rays of the gentle sun. During these New Year holidays, you can improve your health by choosing a suitable healing tour of the Dead Sea.

You can celebrate the New Year 2018 in Egypt. Here, instead of snow, there will be sand everywhere, and instead of trees, there will be palms. By the way, winter is an ideal time to travel to this country, as there is no sweltering heat here at this time. When you get tired of the warm sea and want some entertainment, you can go on an excursion to the Cairo Museum, ride an ATV on the sands, enroll in a diving school and get acquainted with the local underwater world.

Many travel lovers go to travel to European countries during the New Year holidays. You can buy a bus tour and in just a few days visit different parts of Europe. Or you can choose one country and get to know its traditions in more detail. Choosing the option with European countries, it is better to leave for vacation before December 25, since it is on this day that the largest winter holiday is celebrated here - Catholic Christmas. You can celebrate the New Year 2018 in Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and other European countries. New Year is a big holiday and it is celebrated everywhere on a grand scale.

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