Friends forever: a Scotsman tracked down a dog who ran a marathon next to him through the Gobi Desert
Friends forever: a Scotsman tracked down a dog who ran a marathon next to him through the Gobi Desert
Dionne Leonard at the home stretch with his new friend

A month ago, an absolutely amazing story happened - during an ultramarathon in the Gobi Desert, a small dog joined one of the competitors, running the lion's share with him. Then publications around the world wrote about this story. And today this story has been continued.

Most of the way, the Gobi dog ran side by side with its future owner

Dion Leonard, an athlete from Scotland, says that on the second day, when he was standing at the starting line, a small stray dog ​​also stood nearby and looked into his eyes. "I then thought that such a small dog would not last long to run beside me. And she ran side-by-side with me all day, all 37 kilometers."

While Dion Leonard was processing the paperwork for transporting the dog to Scotland, the dog disappeared

When the heat was too high and carried a serious danger to the health of the dog, the organizers of the competition decided to take the dog, give it a drink, let it rest, and then brought it back to Dion. Thus the dog ran four days out of six with Dion Leonard. So on the last day, when the athlete crossed the finish line, he crossed it with his four-legged friend.

While Dione was not around, the dog ran away and got lost

It was then that Dion Leonard decided for himself that by all means, he would take the dog to his home. However, this decision was accompanied by numerous bureaucratic problems, not to mention the financial side. "The Gobi Desert itself has chosen my companion for life, so I'm going to stick to it and do everything I can to keep this dog alive."

Local residents helped the athlete to post a missing dog announcement

Unfortunately, while Dion was trying to solve the bureaucratic side of the issue, for which he had to return home to Scotland, the dog was lost. Upon hearing this terrible news, Dion instantly bought a ticket back to China and decided to find the dog on his own. Then he hung leaflets all over the city, where she was last seen, asking for help in finding the lost. Stray dogs are not uncommon in this area, so a lot of work had to be done. On Wednesday last week, one of the residents recognized the dog and called Dion.

Dion says finding the dog was as difficult as running the marathon itself

"As soon as I entered the room, the dog immediately ran up to me, jumped happily, began to run around my legs. And again I realized how dear it is to me." The athlete still has a lot of worries to take out the dog (it was named Gobi, after the desert) from China, but this time, Dion is not going to lose his friend again. "I will stay here as long as it takes to get things settled," says Dion.

Last Wednesday, Dion finally received the long-awaited call that his dog had been found The dog instantly recognized his friend Dion still has a lot of work to do to arrange the dog's move, but he does not intend to part Dion is sure that this meeting was not accidental, and now he intends to do everything possible to never be separated from the Gobi dog

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