What will happen when the London Bridge collapses: the media told about the scenario of the funeral of Elizabeth II
What will happen when the London Bridge collapses: the media told about the scenario of the funeral of Elizabeth II
Her High Majesty Elizabeth II

She is revered all over the world, idolized and admired for the way she leads the kingdom. During her reign, 12 presidents of the United States of America have been replaced. She stands for stability and order. But at the same time, all her subjects understand that the queen is not eternal. And the royal court has a clear plan for the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II, and this plan was published by The Guardian.

The years take their toll …

Thinking about the death of a royal person, let alone talking about it, is a taboo topic for the United Kingdom of Great Britain. However, as noted by some foreign publishing houses, "each new day brings the death of Elizabeth II closer." And at the British court they know to the smallest detail how the funeral will be held. It is even known exactly how the royal will be dressed, know how many and what flowers will be at the ceremony, the menu for the memorial dinner, Charles's speech and so on, so on, so on.

Queen Mother Elizabeth

According to some forecasts, Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ, who is soon 95, can live no more than 4 years. It is assumed that she will die in the circle of people close to her after a short illness. However, opponents of this version claim that the Queen Mother lived to be 101 years old, Elizabeth II can live as long, or even break this record.

At the same time, this sad event may not be the best for Great Britain. Charles, Prince of Wales, a very extraordinary and controversial personality, should come to the throne. The death of the Queen of Great Britain will serve as a pretext for a revision of values ​​and centuries-old ways not only in the United Kingdom, but also in the English colonies. For many people who are in favor of the abolition of the parliamentary monarchy, this period of time will be convenient for holding the relevant referendums. The period between the death of Elizabeth Ⅱ and the official coronation of Charles will be a good moment for the end of the monarchy in the country.

Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

The preparation of the people for the fact that the queen may soon not be, will begin with the publication in the media of minor notes about the health problems of the queen. Most likely, they will not make a serious emphasis on such notes, however, the messages will be clear and "as if giving a hint of what might happen …"

Tower (London) Bridge

The first official to become aware of the death will be the Queen's personal secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt. After that, he will personally inform the Prime Minister: "London Bridge has collapsed." It is these words that will mean that Queen Elizabeth II has died and it is necessary to start preparing the funeral procession, which lasts 12 days from the moment of death until the immediate burial of the monarch's body.

The process of the death of one royal person and the ascent to the throne of another will be both a sensual and dramatic spectacle, which will be closely watched by almost the whole world. This spectacle is expected to attract over 3 billion people to TV screens and online broadcasts.

Flag of Great Britain with black mourning ribbon

During the funeral procession, life will stop throughout the UK - from foreign trade on stock exchanges to the work of shops, educational institutions and state social institutions. Close attention will be paid to safety during the funeral, because such a widely publicized event could become the basis for terrorist attacks.

There is information that the media prepared in advance articles for publication in newspapers for the first 11 days of mourning after the death of the queen. Nine days before the funeral, the soldiers will walk the procedural routes. Westminster Hall will be closed and its stone floor will be covered with 1,500 meters of carpet. The surrounding streets and squares will be transformed into ceremonial spaces. Advertising surfaces in shopping centers will be removed, and entertainment programs and TV shows will be temporarily stopped.

Cannon carriage with the coffin of Sir Winston Churchill

On the day of the funeral, when the coffin will be at the door of the abbey, at 11 o'clock in the afternoon, the country will calm down. Railway stations will cease announcements. The buses will stop and the drivers and passengers will pull out to the side of the road. Under the prayer of the archbishop, the coffin with the queen's body will be placed on a green cart, and 138 sailors will take the coffin to the exit. This tradition began in 1901, when the horses involved in Queen Victoria's funeral procession set out to flee, and a group of young sailors intervened to take their place.

From Hyde Park Corner, the hearse will run 37 kilometers on the road to Windsor Castle, where the bodies of all British monarchs rest. The Queen's staff will be waiting for her, standing on the lawn. Then the gates of the monastery will close and the cameras will stop broadcasting. Inside the chapel, an elevator will descend into the royal crypt and King Charles will toss a handful of red earth from a silver bowl.

God save the Queen


We wish the British queen many more years, and about that how are the everyday life of British monarchs, can be found in one of our reviews.

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