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The best photos of the past week (August 27 - September 02) from National Geographic
The best photos of the past week (August 27 - September 02) from National Geographic
TOP photo for August 27 - September 02 from National Geographic

Late Summer and Early Fall includes today's roundup of the best photos of the week from National Geographic. As always, nature of incredible beauty, picturesque cities and distant countries - all this could be seen August 27 - September 02 in the pictures of talented photographers.

August 27

Aspen Forest, Colorado

A romantic, calm, warm autumn photograph from the aspen forests in Colorado - as a reminder that autumn is not necessarily sad, damp, gray and cold. Ahead of us is a dry and yellow autumn season, time to rustle with leaves, wear bright jackets and drink mulled wine with dark chocolate.

August 28

Water Park, Peru

In 2007, the amazing project "Magic Water Cycle" (El Circuito Magico del Agua) was opened in Peru, one of the most popular water parks in the world. It is known for the largest fountain complex in the world: it consists of 13 different fountains, many of which are interactive. The largest of them is called the "Magic Fountain", and its jets rise more than 80 meters above the ground.

August 29

Park, United Kingdom

Foggy Albion is known for its dampness, as well as sharp, piercing winds and low temperatures, especially at night. So in the photo, two friends, not dressed for the weather, hurry home through the park so as not to freeze on the street. A typical picture for the UK.

August 30

Airplane, Serbia

Not far from the place where the Serbian river Tamis flows into the Danube is the small town of Pancevo, with which the name of Milorad Pavic is closely associated. It is here, despite the active development of the petrochemical, machine-building and other industries, that you can see such pacifying colorful landscapes.

August 31

Northern Lights, Iceland

Multicolor in the night sky is a typical pattern for the north, in particular for the inhabitants of the Icelandic Peninsula Reykjanes. On a quiet night, the photographer went on a photo shoot, intending to capture this amazing natural phenomenon, and even the cloudiness did not prevent him from making a series of excellent, colorful pictures.

01 september

Ipanema, Brazil

Brazilian dancers are so hot and cheeky that they can perform the traditional capoeira dance even on a crowded beach, while the sun floods the coast, sea waves and sky with gold at sunset.

02 september

Tulip and Geraniums

A tulip among geraniums, so simple and laconic at home … Truly, brevity is the sister of talent, and everything ingenious is usually as simple as shelling pears.

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