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How the gremlin dog who hates everyone conquered the internet
How the gremlin dog who hates everyone conquered the internet

Honesty is the best policy, even when it comes to advertising animals in need of adoption! The Chihuahua dog named Prancer gained immense fame on the Internet after an honest post about him was published on Facebook. Rather than highlighting only his positive traits so that he would be quickly adopted, Tiffany Fortuna (temporary adoptive mom) spoke frankly about what a truly life-hating Prancer creature is. He is called "gremlin" and "Chucky doll in the form of a dog."

Post about Pranser

"Nobody likes neurotic, gremlin-like dogs that hate men, other animals and children," Tiffany wrote about Prancer. According to her, the demon in the form of a Chihuahua loves only women: “If you have a husband, write only if you hate him. The dog lived with a man for six months and has not yet accepted him. He only becomes attached to women and takes their protection very seriously. And it does it better than all the security guards in the White House."


“No children with Prancer. I think you can now imagine why. He has never seen children. It's hard even to imagine all those hellish sounds of rage that would burst out of him. Prancer wants to be your only child."

He looks not fall friendly

The internet is thrilled

The post was so fresh and witty that it quickly went viral on social media. The Chihuahua, who has been described as a demon, a gremlin, and a child with a traumatized psyche, is currently under the temporary care of Tiffany Fortuna. This woman represents New Jersey's Second Chance Pet Adoption League. Fortune believes that when Prancer finds his permanent home with loving owners, he will be able to hate it with all his little being.

Tiffany has been frank about what Prancer is like in an incredibly honest and witty post

Stephanie Pearl, president of the Second Chance Pet Adoption League, said there were hundreds of letters in response to the offer to adopt Prancer. So far, many have not withdrawn their applications back. This is great news for any of you readers who haven't made up their minds yet!

Pranser is waiting

Chihuahua is looking for a permanent home, but the problem is that he hates almost everyone

Stephanie said that they had applications not only from all over the United States, but also from all over the world. However, the organization plans to keep him in New Jersey. “It is important that the future owners can be contacted. Perhaps more than once, so that we can help them if necessary. We had a lot of people who wanted to adopt Prancer. But it turned out that they have other pets, men, children, or not quite the right environment in the Chihuahua home. We are looking for the perfect home and an experienced dog breeder who understands how to work with it,”said Stephanie.

There were a lot of applications for the adoption of Pruncer

According to her, there are many pets in the Second Chance Pet Adoption League for whom it is difficult to find a permanent home. “We are a small organization. We mainly focus on helping local small dogs who need it the most. For example, those who do not feel well in shelters or need additional time, education and rehabilitation, and sometimes medical assistance to prepare them for adoption,”says Stephanie.

In addition to Pranser, the organization has many more animals that need loving owners

A creative approach always helps an animal to find a new family

“Sometimes you have to get creative to get an animal noticed. Prancer's current adoptive mom did an amazing job with this hilarious, well-written post! " - the President of the Tiffany League praised.

After the fast, Tiffany Prancer was noticed

“Besides, our organization has more than just adorably quirky personalities like Prancer. Our main specialty is elderly animals in need of treatment or special medical care. We love to take on such tough challenges. We know that we can help, and we understand those who cannot."

The organization gives the animals a second chance to find a family

Pet Adoption Second Chance League

The Second Chance Pet Adoption League currently maintains about 20 dogs in various shelters. This non-profit organization has existed since 1983.

The league has been around for almost two decades

“Our founder, Diane Becker, was in the business of rescuing until she passed away in 2009. I continued her work in order to reduce the number of cases of euthanasia in local shelters, to help dogs who had no other choice. We accept about 200 dogs a year, most of them are small in size. Mostly they are old, sick, or with various behavioral disorders. We strive to ensure that all our dogs find the best possible home. So that they themselves and their adoptive parents can enjoy a happy life together,”said Stephanie.

The League is trying to reduce the number of cases of dog euthanasia

Volunteers hope more dogs will be saved thanks to Prancer's story

Stephanie said everyone in the Second Chance Pet Adoption League is incredibly excited about the public outcry the Prancer story has received. All volunteers hope very much that she will inspire people to adopt many other dogs.

Tiffany's joking post made Prancer famous all over the Internet

“The Chihuahua is the second most euthanized dog breed in shelters across the country after pit bulls. This is another breed that is subject to abuse and improper upbringing, "- shared the harrowing reality of Stephanie. “Their tiny size and Hollywood made them mega-popular. People make them dress up and carry them around like a plush toy. Often they do not understand at all that they need special training, and the dog has its own, including emotional needs. After that, people are disappointed in a beautiful toy and throw it away as unnecessary. They give up animals when they have "problems" like Pranser."

Chihuahua is not a breed for everyone

According to Stephanie, Chihuahua is not a breed for everyone. “But those who love them and know how to work with them correctly can testify that they are very funny and loving. If you are considering getting a dog, do research on the breed first and make sure it suits you. You need to choose the one to whom you will be devoted all his life! Each breed has different needs and each individual dog of this breed has its own unique personality. While they are with us, we live with them, we recognize their individual likes and dislikes. We take note of all their advantages and disadvantages so that we know what will be best for them. Our goal is to make them happy with their new owners in their permanent home."

Volunteers sincerely hope that Prancer will find her permanent home

A sense of humor is vital in the lifeguard world

As for the witty and quirky Facebook posts, Stephanie stated that a sense of humor is an absolute must in the animal rescue world. This helps prevent burnout. “It was really fun to see how many people got the joke and started telling similar stories about their Chihuahuas. Garbage for one person is another's treasure. Of course, a “problem” dog like Prancer could have been a horror and inconvenience in his old home, and now he brings joy to millions. Everyone really hopes that he will find his right person very soon!

Prancer looks very cute, but behind those beautiful eyes, there is an immense hatred for men, children and other animals

Prancer obviously just wasn't socialized by its previous owner.Maybe this is the answer to why he hates the whole world so much. It seems that he only tolerates women, but absolutely hates men and other animals. However, Prancer has proven to be able to put up with many of Tiffany's other pets that she keeps at home. Prancer is intolerant of children, so it is not suitable for large families.

Prancer looks very cute, but he hates men, children, and other animals

Pransier is quite possibly very loyal in reality, he is just a big coward. So, if you suddenly have problems, you should not rely on his protection.

The two-year-old Chihuahua loves to drive and is accustomed to housekeeping. However, if you are planning to invite guests, you will really need a vacuum cleaner. Prancer is still looking for her person or family, which does not include men, children or other pets. It sounds, of course, difficult, but what can you do?

What do you think of Pranser, a Chihuahua in the form of a demon? Would you like to adopt him? It is also very interesting where did Pranser's hatred for humanity come from?

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