What is the story of a strange monument created by a Buryat sculptor from 8 tons of stones
What is the story of a strange monument created by a Buryat sculptor from 8 tons of stones

If you have not been to Krasnoyarsk, then you have hardly seen anything like this: a couple of years ago, a sculpture was installed in the city, which looks like chaotically piled stone blocks-megaliths. But this is only for an inattentive person. If you look closely and connect your imagination, it becomes clear: this is a very interesting work of art. Moreover, it is filled with philosophical meaning. The eight-ton bronze sculpture is called Transformation and was created by the world famous artist Dashi Namdakov.

This is something incomprehensible with many meanings!

The sculpture appeared here in 2019, and the local cultural community considers its installation a grandiose event. Its author is a representative of the ancient Buryat family, from which many jewelers, craftsmen and artists came.

Dashi Namdakov

Krasnoyarsk is not a stranger to Namdakov. Here he graduated from an art institute (a teacher, People's Artist of the RSFSR Lev Golovnitsky took care of a native student from Buryatia) and here, already being an eminent, recognized master, he repeatedly held his exhibitions.

Unusual images between the boulders

The strange head, covered with a cap in the shape of an animal, consists not only of boulders, boulders and slabs, but also of the figures of pagan deities and of unexpected images. Shamans, hunters, fishermen, moose and even aliens "fit" in my head. And at its base there are "stone" volcanoes. It is believed that in such an unusual form Dasha showed the image of an ancient hunter and thinker, the image of a hero, a person as the center of the universe.

Face and more

Local art critics explain that in this sculpture one can see both an ancestor carrying ancient culture and sacred knowledge, and a modern person, ready for something new, for changes.

One who is ready for transformation and change can understand and appreciate this work

It is interesting that the sketch of this sculpture was molded in full size. And this, by the way, is almost 4 meters high, 3.2 meters wide and about 5 meters long. Cast "Transformation" in the Buryat capital of Ulan-Ude. Dasha was helped by employees of his studio, as well as the local workshop.

View from above

Creating a sculpture, the artist was inspired not only by the experience of world civilizations and their creators, but also by nature, culture, and the originality of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. "Transformation" can evoke in a person an infinite number of associations - from the simplest to the most complex. Here it is possible to find more and more new meanings.

Fragment What is there just not!

As the Deputy Director of the Krasnoyarsk Art Museum named after V.I. VI Surikov Anastasia Kistova, Namdakov's work gives people the opportunity to reflect on their own transformation, because inside the sculpture there is a space that looks like a cave, decorated with "ancient" rock paintings.

Something like a cave. Here you can sit and think about the eternal. Or just relax

You can see the sculpture on the territory of the Siberian Federal University (Svobodny Prospekt, 79).

As you know, not only modern masters like to make riddles to others in the form of sculptures-puzzles. Ancient masters often did the same, putting secret philosophical meanings into their works. We invite you to find out What subtext hide the strangest sculptures in the world

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