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Preparation for exams in chemistry in Kazan: 3 ways, their pros and cons
Preparation for exams in chemistry in Kazan: 3 ways, their pros and cons

Video: Preparation for exams in chemistry in Kazan: 3 ways, their pros and cons

Video: Preparation for exams in chemistry in Kazan: 3 ways, their pros and cons
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Preparation for exams in chemistry in Kazan: 3 ways, their pros and cons
Preparation for exams in chemistry in Kazan: 3 ways, their pros and cons

Chemistry is one of the main sciences that play an important role in the life of applicants. It is included in the list of compulsory subjects for admission to many in-demand professions. For example, future doctors, ecologists, agronomists, technologists, pharmacists, biotechnologists, etc. will have to pass chemistry. Moreover, the results of the exam directly depend on whether the applicant entered the desired position or fails. Therefore, it is important to prepare well, improve your knowledge of the subject. How to do this - we will tell below.

3 ways to prepare for your chemistry exam

Chemistry is an interesting subject, but rather difficult. Not everyone can master it at a high level from the school curriculum. The situation is further complicated by the fact that science includes different directions. This is organic chemistry, and inorganic, and physical-coloidal, and analytical, etc. The directions directly depend on the chosen profession, since they allow a more in-depth study of science and its impact on human life.

However, the school usually studies 2 main ones - inorganic and organic chemistry, which are quite enough for admission. Provided that the applicant has solid knowledge of them. If not, passing the entrance exams may result in an unsatisfactory grade. In order to prevent such risks, it is worth preparing in advance. There are three main ways:

  • on one's own. This is the most affordable option to increase knowledge (since it does not involve spending money to pay for the work of a specialist), but also the least reliable. On your own, you can repeat the material covered in order to consolidate knowledge. But not everyone can master new topics, understand them correctly. In addition, when working independently, there is no opportunity to consult with a teacher, get answers to your questions, find out mistakes and correct answers to them. Therefore, if there is a question about quality preparation for exams, it is better not to risk it, but to resort to some other method. You can choose the appropriate ones from those listed below;
    • courses. This option is more reliable. You can find preparatory courses in chemistry in Kazan for students of different grades, including those who are going to enter universities. However, it is worth considering that there will be no individual approach during preparation for the courses, since the program is selected universal for all students and it is assumed that they will all have approximately the same level of training. You may have to go through some of the materials that are already well known, and the topics that cause problems need to be processed additionally in order to keep up. In addition, you will need to adapt to a specific course schedule, you will not be able to build an individual schedule;

  • with a tutor. This is the best option for those who want to prepare well for chemistry exams. First, the teacher will assess the student's level of knowledge and, according to them, select an effective training program. Secondly, an individual approach is guaranteed. Thirdly, you can choose a convenient class schedule.
  • You can find a Kazan chemistry tutor on the Buki website. Dozens of teachers from different districts of the city are registered on the service, so it will not be difficult to find a specialist, both for working offline (who knows, maybe he lives in the next doorway) and online.

    However, even when working with a teacher, it is important to make an effort to gain maximum knowledge. To achieve the desired result, you can use several life hacks, which we will discuss below.

    How to get the most out of your tutoring session

    When studying chemistry online with a teacher, it is important that the student himself is interested in a positive result. You can increase the effectiveness of classes and get the most of knowledge through several life hacks:

  • explain to the tutor what level you need to achieve so that he can choose the right program;
    • ask for more assignments for d / z. This method will help to secure the passed material more reliably;

  • find applications, literature on the web, discuss the additional knowledge gained with the tutor;
    • do independent work. They can be found on the Internet, in manuals or ask a school teacher or friends who are already studying at the university.

    It is important to immerse yourself as much as possible in the process of studying chemistry, since the task is to understand the subject, and not to memorize the topics covered. In the future, this knowledge will help to pass the final exam, enter the university and successfully study in the specialty.

    In addition to self-interest, it is also important to find a good teacher. You can quickly find it on the Buki website. Why you should prefer this service - we will tell below.

    Benefits of finding a tutor on Buki

    This service was created specifically for those who want to find a teacher. Tutors from different districts of Kazan, other cities and even countries are registered on the site. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find a specialist in chemistry. Unlike other ways to find teachers (for example, through advertisements or among friends), Buki is more reliable. The advantages that distinguish it favorably include the following properties:

  • a large selection of teachers with detailed questionnaires. The profile of each specialist contains information about education, experience, programs for which chemistry classes are taught;
    • rating of teachers. It is formed against the background of students' assessments;

  • availability of reviews for work with a particular specialist. In addition, you can leave your own, based on the results of cooperation;
    • wide price range. The cost for the lessons is indicated for each teacher in the profile, it is convenient to choose suitable prices.

    To communicate with a chemistry tutor, the Buki website provides an interactive button in the profile of each teacher. There is no need to look for additional contacts of a specialist, to waste time on this. Another plus is the simplicity of the site itself. The Buki service has a friendly and intuitive interface; even a beginner can figure out the basic functions.