"Love is " Soulful illustrations of relationships from an artist in love
"Love is " Soulful illustrations of relationships from an artist in love
The history of ordinary relationships in comics

HJ-Story began as ordinary drawings on the phone, which the artist sent to his girlfriend (who later became his wife) in the form of messages. He himself says that it was difficult in words to convey all the feelings that overwhelmed him, so he painted those situations that he most appreciated in your relationship with a girl… He did not even realize that these are such universal feelings and emotions that one day they will give rise to a new round in his life.

Love is getting a message at night that she loves me Love is being together and not worrying about anything else Love is to protect her from real monsters

HJ are the initials of the artist's girlfriend. One day, for one of her birthdays, he decided to collect all the comics together on one site and give it to her. One of his friends posted several drawings on his Facebook page, and suddenly tons of messages of recognition and approval were poured on the guy. What started out as a personal gift suddenly rose to prominence.

Love is dedicating your best work to it Love is about going through a bunch of adventures together Love is arguing with her until one of us convinces the other

The artist's girlfriend supported him in his initiative to make something more out of a simple hobby. Now the main characters of these wonderful illustrations have become full-fledged heroes who can be seen on calendars, badges, stickers and other things dear to the heart. The artist still does not give his name, believing that the main thing in his work is the very story of his love.

Love is melting from her love Love knows that it will support me, no matter what happens to me Love means knowing that there is nothing more important in this world Love is reading books about cosmetics if she likes them Love is noticing its beauty on ordinary days Love is fooling around with all your heart Love is missing each other, even if we are apart for just an hour Love is knowing how to quarrel Love is getting old together

More and more creative people talk about love in their own way, without fear of sounding funny or being in an awkward situation. So is the hero of our review Relationship history in pictures talks about the reasons why and for what he loves his girlfriend.

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