Why a metal rock was erected in France: Frank Gehry's insane masterpiece
Why a metal rock was erected in France: Frank Gehry's insane masterpiece

The legendary and outrageous architect Frank Gehry surprised the world with a new project. This spring it is planned to open the building of the cultural center in the French city of Arles. The high-rise made of stainless steel has a very original look: the facade consists of “wavy” edges, and the building itself seems to be composed of metal bricks, as a constructor. The building is called a steel tree, a lighthouse, and a metal rock, but it is possible that after its opening they will find some more accurate nickname. In any case, this is something incredible.

The new building, officially called the Art Resource Center, or Resource for short, will open on the grounds of former railroad repair shops that have been reformatted into a cultural complex. This area is intended for the creation of experimental creative works by artists, performed in different styles, and here these works are planned to be shown to the cultural community.

The cultural resource center looks spectacular both in the afternoon and in the evening

The building will open as part of the Luma Arles project, which was launched by the Swiss philanthropist Maya Hoffman. By the way, Hoffman spent 100 million euros on the construction of the building designed by Frank Gehry.

Building during construction

This project was first shown to the general public at the Venice Architecture Biennale about 11 years ago. During this time, in the course of the implementation of the idea, it was decided to reduce the project in size. Initially, it was planned to build two towers in this place, and not one, but the local authorities considered that in this case the cultural center would block the view of the old bell tower from the Middle Ages. The building was decided to do one thing, and as a material they chose not foam aluminum, as the architect initially wanted, but stainless steel.

Model of the building and the territory itself at the exhibition in Venice in 2010 Fragment of the facade

As the author of the project explains, he drew inspiration for his extravagant building here, in Arles: its source was the famous Roman amphitheater. A glass cylinder around the base of the new building (the diameter of the rotunda is 54 meters) sends visitors to this attraction. Also, when developing the project, Gehry was inspired by the local mountain beauties and … the works of Van Gogh, which the brilliant artist wrote in these parts. One of these works is the famous Starry Night.

To create this metal tree, the architect was inspired by the local mountains and … Van Gogh

An Art Resource Center, designed by Gehry, will be the centerpiece of Luma Arles. It will house archives, exhibition and presentation rooms, seminar rooms and cafes, as well as a restaurant.

The building includes the lower level of 8,700 square meters (archives, storage and programming) and the Resource Center itself, with its glazed interior and exterior (7,000 square meters).

Located on the ninth floor, a suspended terrace overlooking the Lesser Alps, the old town, the Abbey of Montmajour and other local attractions will be an excellent observation deck.

The upper floors of the building offer a gorgeous view

On the ground floor, there are a number of exhibition spaces dedicated to international cultural events.

Entrance to the building

Luma Arles is a cultural space where artists will have the opportunity to experiment in close collaboration with fellow painters, curators, scientists, innovators and visitors.

The challenge building will not leave anyone indifferent

It also houses six historic large-scale industrial buildings, five of which are being restored by Selldorf architects for presentations, installations, exhibitions and artist residences. Another historic building, Grande Halle, was renovated in 2007 at the initiative of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

The entire campus is located in a public park designed by landscape architect Bas Smets.

Frank Gehry has always surprised with his bold projects. If you are not yet familiar with this amazing architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize, we suggest you read more about him. crazy and "human" buildings that amazed the whole world

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