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As the star of the series "The Thaw" survived a divorce from Maxim Matveyev and became happy again: Yana Sexte
As the star of the series "The Thaw" survived a divorce from Maxim Matveyev and became happy again: Yana Sexte

She herself calls herself a woman with a ridiculous face and cannot imagine life without theater and cinema. Yana Sexte plays in the Moscow Theater of Oleg Tabakov, acts in films a lot and enjoys every moment that fate has given her. True, this was not always the case. When her first husband, Maxim Matveyev, went to Elizabeth Boyarskaya, the world around seemed to be crumbling before our eyes. It was not an easy time, but she still got out of that situation with dignity and again learned to be happy.

Born to be a star

Yana Sexte

She was born and raised in Riga, in a family where, besides her, two more sisters grew up, the elder Katya and the twin of Yana Inna. The head of the family was a sailor, and his mother ran everything in the house in his absence. It was she who, once, having seen an ad for a recruitment to a theater studio, immediately informed Yana about this, although she never spoke about her desire to become an actress. On the contrary, as a child, she dreamed of becoming a nurse. But her mother unmistakably identified her daughter's vocation and literally took 14-year-old Yana by the hand to a studio at the Riga Youth Theater.

Yana Sexte

In the studio, the girl met real teachers and realized that she wanted to become an actress. True, she was going to enter the Yaroslavl Theater Institute, where her teachers from the studio studied, but still went to the capital, where Oleg Tabakov was taking a course at the Moscow Art Theater School. It was he who saw great potential in Yana Sexte, although at the audition, when she read “What is a girl to do? What about me, girl? " Robert Burns, Oleg Pavlovich laughed to tears, and after the first round he told the applicant never to read it again.

Yana Sexte

After graduating from the Studio School, Yana had to work for three years at the Riga Russian Theater under a contract. Oleg Tabakov told his graduate about what awaits her in three years, but took her word not to get married and not speak Latvian. Three years later she returned to Moscow and was immediately accepted into the "Tabakerki" troupe. It was also used in the performances of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. It was at the Moscow Art Theater that the actress met her first husband, Maxim Matveyev.

Broken happiness

Yana Sexte and Maxim Matveev

Yana Sexte and Maxim Matveev were involved in the play “Forty-first. Opus Posth ", where Yana played Maryutka, and Maxim played the guard of the White Army lieutenant Vadim Nikolaevich Govorukh-Otrok. The business relationship quickly grew into a friendship, and then turned into a romance that led the two actors to the wedding in 2008.

They were connected not only by mutual feelings and joint work in the theater. The actors were also involved in charity work, being volunteers of the Gift of Life foundation. Once the coordinator called them and asked them to come in clown costumes to a girl in serious condition, who was in the deepest depression due to her illness. This was the beginning of another joint project of the spouses - "Doctor Clown". Actors come to hospitals to make children laugh, who are in pain and fear every day.

Yana Sexte

Yana Sexte and Maxim Matveyev felt good together, but at one point their entire seemingly well-established family life collapsed. During the filming of the film "I Will Not Tell" the actor began a relationship with Elizaveta Boyarskaya. He could not resist his feelings and decided to divorce his wife.

It was not an easy time for both.Yana Sexte suffered desperately and, according to her friends, became more and more depressed. Maxim Matveev would later call the divorce "hellish", although there were no quarrels or scandals between the spouses. They did not arrange a public showdown and did not try to accuse each other of all mortal sins.

Yana Sexte and Maxim Matveev

Yana tried to cope with her pain, and Maxim was tormented by a sense of guilt because of this very pain caused to a loved one. And he is still grateful to his ex-wife for the fact that she had the wisdom and strength to accept the current situation and forgive him for his betrayal. By the way, their joint work in the "Doctor Clown" project did not stop even for a short time. Later, Elizaveta Boyarskaya joined them, with whom Yana Sexte communicates well today.

Several years had to pass before the actress met her new love. And again at the theater, but this time at the Snuffbox.

Happiness in harmony

Yana Sexte and Dmitry Marin

Dmitry Marin came to the rehearsal of the play staged by his father, the director of "Tabakerki" Alexander Marin. Dmitry himself, who came specially for this occasion from Canada, wrote music for the performance. When Yana entered the hall and saw Mitya rising to greet, she really fell in love at first sight. However, Dmitry Marin experienced exactly the same sensations, both of them were struck by lightning.

But after the premiere, Dmitry had to go home again. Yana was desperately afraid that he might not return. They spoke on Skype for almost days, and after that Dmitry Marin decided to return to Russia, because he could no longer imagine life without Yana.

Yana Sexte and Dmitry Marin with their daughter

Today they are incredibly happy together, they bring up their daughter Anna, who will soon turn seven years old, the whole family go to football, which both are passionate about, love to travel and have no idea how they used to live without each other. Yana Sexte confesses: her husband is herself. Mitya knows exactly where to turn his wife so that she goes in the right direction. In everything that concerns the profession, the actress is organized and collected, but in everyday life she looks like an element. Even her fee for filming is usually given to her husband, because she can put it where no one will find it later, including Yana herself.

Today Yana Sexte lives in complete harmony. She has a favorite profession, an amazing husband and a wonderful daughter, who fills every moment of her life with meaning. And she dreams of only one thing, so that Ani has a brother or sister. The actress believes that this dream will certainly come true.

The ex-husband of Yana Sexte Maxim Matveyev and his second wife are called one of the most beautiful and harmonious acting couples. Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev admit that in 10 years of their life together they have never even quarreled. Truth, all this time they lived in different cities and only recently moved in. What made them decide on a "guest marriage" and change their minds after 10 years?

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