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8 worst home interior design ideas not worth repeating
8 worst home interior design ideas not worth repeating

Good design is about finding that very subtle yet pleasing balance between form and function. Much, of course, depends on what exactly you want to get at the end. There is one golden rule - keep the design simple. First of all, it should be understandable, as practical as possible and, naturally, extremely aesthetic. Some people think they don't need all those boring rules. Down with all restrictions! The following are the craziest and weirdest design ideas in the review.

Poor home interior design is what you really need to practice social distancing from. But it cannot be denied that it can be very funny … Of course, the fun will last exactly until the moment when it touches your home!

1. The laws of physics? No, you haven't heard

And water will flow up the drain …

You can laugh at other people's terrible interiors. Here are some of the funniest, facepalm-worthy interior design failures that prove common sense is actually quite rare.

2. Carpet makes the interior cozy, doesn't it?

There is carpet on the walls of the restroom

Designer Dieter Rams is one of the world's brightest interior design experts. Back in the 1970s, he said that the world is full of "an incomprehensible confusion of shapes, colors and noises." Then he formulated the top ten principles of good design. These are timeless rules that are as relevant now as they were then.

3. What was the designer of these kitchens wondering about?

Looking at this photo, the thought of what is wrong with this sink does not leave? Kitchen made by a sofa manufacturer

For Rams, good design must be innovative, yet practical and functional. You can't sacrifice form for function, or vice versa. It should be a sensible combination of both.

4. The head starts to spin even from photography

How not to fall here?

The opportunities for innovation are enormous these days. The high level of technological development has opened up endless new possibilities for innovative design. The main thing is that innovation is not an end in itself. The end result should be clear without explanation. There is always the risk of being too smart and confusing.

5. The most important place in the house

Almighty toilet throne The front door offers a beautiful view of the most important things in the house

The eminent designer claims that good design is honest, durable, and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it is versatile.

This is probably very convenient

It is also important to respect psychological comfort and aesthetics. The design should not distract from the main thing.

All that is needed here is a jukebox and a soda fountain

Aesthetics are very important, especially in the things we use every day. It affects our mood, our personality, and even our well-being. Beauty is where everything is done with high quality.

Imagine you need to scrub or clean it

There are things that are not decorative elements or works of art. Their design should be as restrained and neutral as possible. A person needs space for self-expression.

6. A new word in design

New style of kitchen I wonder how to use it?

Chasing fashion is a bad advisor. Keeping up is still unrealistic. Good design, even in today's disposable world, will never look out of date. No arbitrary details! Neatness and care are very important aspects of any creative process.

7. When everything is too much

Why does the big face bleed, why … monkey … Why ???

The principle is less, but better allows you not to burden yourself with unnecessary secondary things. This helps not to accumulate unnecessary things in the house. Get rid of all unnecessary things. Back to purity, to simplicity! Show the very essence.

35 8000 magic cards on an area of ​​39 square meters! Oh, this throne room !!!

Of course, bad design can be fun and attention-grabbing. Moreover, the horrible design continues to amaze people. Sometimes it begins to seem that the bottom of the unaesthetic abyss has already been reached. But then something always comes up to demonstrate that it was just the tip of the iceberg of bad taste.

8. To live here you need a good vestibular apparatus

Neck pain or head injury is simply guaranteed

It should be noted here that the world would be a very boring place if everything was done beautifully and with impeccable taste. Read our article on why giraffes keep chandeliers: ironic kitsch or outright bad taste.

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