12 intriguing photos that prove how fleeting and merciless time is
12 intriguing photos that prove how fleeting and merciless time is

If you stop for a moment and look around, the signs of aging can be seen everywhere. From the burnt paint, the worn wooden floor to the marks on your favorite sofa from the muzzle of a no less beloved dog … Everything flows, everything is constantly changing and is completely subject to time. You can call it dilapidation, wear and tear, or history, but the process cannot be reversed. And that's fine from the point of view of existential philosophy. The selection below contains some of the most intriguing examples of how almighty time leaves its mark on everything it touches.

How often things bear the imprint of human existence. Against the background of the fact that a person does not always realize the meaning of his life, things always have a specific purpose. Things, like people, are prone to aging.

A British Army officer's pocket watch along with a German bullet, stopped in France in 1914 One of the oldest signs in the world "Beware, angry dog", found on the ruins of Pompeii, Italy

The very phenomenon of wear reflects the second law of thermodynamics, according to which objects deviate from their original shape. They cease to function over time if the energy of an external force is not used to maintain them. If restoration is not possible, the item is considered a consumable item. Everything is like people, right?

A sculpture of Jesus Christ in an abandoned cemetery in Poland is slowly being swallowed up by a tree Staircase on the Great Wall of China. How many people do you think have walked these steps?

Both things and people are also different, not everyone ages the same way. As a person can be treated, so a thing can be repaired. For example, cars, heavy equipment, computers, musical instruments and many similar items are all designed with worn parts in mind.

Truck on a tree in the forest Apparently, this car has not been driven for a long time

As a person needs a good doctor, so does a technician. Auto mechanics, service technicians, computer technicians, gunsmiths, plumbers are doctors for things. Time leaves its indelible mark on everything. Unlike things, people over time, in addition to the disadvantages of aging, acquire such useful qualities as wisdom, for example. This is impossible without life experience. This is the price to be paid.

Omani clay tile with a footprint left by a toddler when it dried 2,000 years ago, Ancient Vasio Vocontiorum

A person has a unique need - the desire for self-development. Without this, the human race would not only not have reached the current level of development, but would not have survived.

This old colored pencil box after the termites have eaten all the wood

People tend to think about the meaning of life. Often, due to the need to maintain a regular routine and the monotony of the work environment, a person begins to feel unhappy with his life. He begins to ask many philosophical questions. The paradox is that there are no unambiguous answers to them and cannot be.

A combination lock found on the beach Cubic crystals growing in old plasticine

You can try to break all these global issues into smaller ones. It's easier to get answers that way. Then you need to start working to be satisfied with the study of these answers. It is they who, in the end, make up a complete picture of human life as a whole.

A cemetery of telephone booths in the UK

Man is a complex subject. Things are simple. Time is ruthless to everyone. You can notice the transience of life by looking at worn-out things. This is a clear example of the merciless power of time.

There are shadows on the walls of this old coffee house where people used to sit

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