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Turtle Trails, Introverted Restaurants, and More Proofs That Japan Is A Unique Country
Turtle Trails, Introverted Restaurants, and More Proofs That Japan Is A Unique Country

Many people think about visiting Japan at least once in their life. This is an amazing country! Sometimes it seems that her place is in fairy tales, and not on planet Earth. There is an indescribable sense of passion, modernity and love for its citizens, almost unparalleled in the world. Japan is not only about anime, manga, samurai and Sony. The culture of this beautiful and sometimes mysterious country is much deeper and more fascinating. Read the most interesting facts about Japan further in the review.

This collection contains curious details about this extraordinary country. They prove once again that this is a power that is extremely technologically advanced and at the same time deeply conservative. Acquaintance with her reveals the true magic of her cultural essence, full of wonders.

1. Respect for people

So that people with disabilities are not left without a livelihood

A Japanese cafe hires paralyzed people to operate server robots so they can still generate income.

2. Respect for nature

The tree is carefully dug up and replanted

The tree is not cut down, but moved to make way for the road. The Japanese are very hospitable people. They are welcoming to foreigners who try to speak their language and delve into their culture. Experts say that when a foreigner speaks Japanese, he can often get praise for his language skills, even if he just introduces himself. This is the very first thing the students here understand. Very often, you are very sensitive to you even if your Japanese skills are less than minimal. They are ready to encourage you even for a simple attempt to get to know the local culture at least a little.

3. Even farming can be a real art

Rice fields - pictures

The Japanese try to achieve excellence in everything. These artistic rice fields are proof of this. Farmers plant certain types of rice to create these amazing works of art.

4. Creativity in everything

Looks like a fairy tale

This is what this nation does in all areas of life. It doesn't take a lot of imagination and intelligence to make a canopy. But this long walk, in Moomin Valley Park, Saitama Prefecture, is a piece of traditional creativity. It is covered with translucent multi-colored umbrellas and looks like in a fairy tale.

5. Unusual monument

"Wind Telephone"

Also, this nation has a strong national memory. On a hill overlooking the ocean in the northeastern town of Otsuchi, there is a telephone booth known as the Wind Telephone. It is not connected anywhere, but people come to "call" family members who died in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

6. Turtle paths

Natural processes should not be disturbed

The Japanese are very sensitive to nature, trying not to interfere with the natural course of things. There are turtle tracks on the railroad tracks in Japan. This is necessary so that the migration of these animals takes place without interference for the turtles themselves and without train delays for people.

7. Memory of the tragedy

The tree is a monument

Respect not only for people, but for animals and plants is the main principle. This 400-year-old bonsai tree survived the bombing of Hiroshima.

8. The economy must be economical

Very economical people

The Japanese are concerned about the environment and the method of conserving natural resources. In many local toilets, the handwashing sink is attached to the cistern.This is so that you can wash your hands and reuse the water for the next toilet flush. This simple solution saves millions of liters of water every year.

9. Hospital food in Japan

It looks picturesque and probably delicious

It is customary here to take care of people. Here they know how to show respect for any person. In order to better understand this people, many are trying to learn their language. A language expert from Lithuania, Kotrina Kvietkauskaite, said that learning any language, including Japanese, is a personal experience. Everyone moves at their own pace. You should not rush to compare your own successes with the successes of other people.

10. An ancient Japanese method of pruning from the 14th century that allows the production of lumber without cutting down trees, called "Daisugi"

An unusual method and an unusual look

“It may take one person 5 years to learn to read Japanese fiction without any problems, and another 10 years. In other words, there is no clearly defined point after which a person can confidently declare that they know Japanese as well as an average native speaker,”she said. This is why if you want to visit Japan you shouldn't wait for the “perfect” moment (ie when you know the language well enough). You need to accept the culture and learn the language only by arriving there in person.

11. Japan repairs sinkhole in Fukuoka city in 2 days

Incredible responsiveness

The world is full of fans of Japan and its distinctive culture. There is nothing wrong with being a japophile. Especially considering the huge impact this country has had on the entertainment and technology industries.

However, there are times when love for a foreign country can go to extremes and go beyond all sorts of boundaries. One example where people can go too far in their obsession is when they end up getting Japanese kanji tattoos. At the same time, having no idea what the symbols really mean.

12. Caring for people

Just to enjoy the beauty of nature

There are no entrances or exits at this train stop, it is set up simply so that people can stop in the middle of the train and admire the beautiful scenery.

13. Train seats in Japan open out so you can see the scenery

To make the trip as pleasant as possible

There are scenic trains with large windows and glass ceilings on certain train routes. They mostly go during the hanami or fall foliage season, when the scenery is simply breathtaking with its beauty. There is also a special train stop in the mountain gorge, from where you can admire the scenery and take pictures on the platform. The platform has no exit, you can only come and leave by train.

There are regular commuter routes and shinkasen are regular trains with standard windows. Although in some of them, the seats can be rotated so that all passengers can go forward. Traveling by train in Japan is sheer pleasure! Efficient, spotless, always on time, incredibly fast or scenic-slow. The stations are always ready to treat you to delicious national cuisine.

14. Introvert Paradise

Any introvert will appreciate it

This stunning country has some very unusual restaurants. They are really private in the literal sense of the word. You are sitting in a corner where no one sees you, in front of you is a small window through which you are served without seeing. You only see the hands.

15. At airports, baggage handlers sort baggage by color to make it easier for you to find it

It even looks just neat

There are a lot of absolutely amazing and amazing things in Japan! It is not surprising that not only citizens love their country, but many foreigners, having visited it at least once, simply fall in love. The overwhelming majority of Japaneseophiles love this country and its culture enough to be humble enough in their knowledge and not jump up at every opportunity to brag about it.After all, if a person loves and respects Japanese culture, why turn it into a competition? It's much more fun not only to share your favorite aspects, but also to listen to how others share theirs.

16. The future is near

The country of the future

These sprinklers are on the road near the ski resort to keep the road from freezing. Salt water is sprayed from them.

17. The local metro has female-only trains

Women's trains

Anyone who wants to talk about discrimination against women needs to know one important aspect. These subway trains are specially designed to protect women. At one time there were problems with groping women and girls and subsequent rapes. So you cannot judge an invention without knowing its true history.

18. "Pets" button on the elevator in an elite residential building in Tokyo

And none of the allergy sufferers will suffer

Those who ride the elevator with a pet press this button. A special filter begins to purify the air. If the process is not finished yet, a silent alarm sounds. He warns allergy sufferers not to ride the elevator until the air is clear again.

19. Convenience in everything

Very comfortably

These square watermelons are grown in special boxes to shape them on the vine. This is done for easy stacking, transportation and refrigerator storage.

20. Unusual village

Unusual and very beautiful

Aogashima is a very isolated village in Tokyo that sits inside a volcano with another mini-volcano inside.

21. Floating solar power plant in Japan on the reservoir of the Yamakura dam

Like in a science fiction movie

22. Ability to create

Dream Town

In less than one human life, Hiroshima has become like this. An ultra-modern beautiful densely populated city.

23. Unusual building

The Solar Ark

The Solar Ark is an extraordinary, extremely massive building with 5,046 solar panels.

24. Why didn't anyone else think of this?

Anti-theft system for bags in front of the toilet at Shinjuku Station

In Japan, more than in any other country, you need to understand that you should not suddenly start pretending that you know the language better than real experts. Because of their love of culture, some people end up making fools of themselves because they are too eager to demonstrate that they are bigger fans than anyone else. This is a very flawed and wrong strategy that will backfire.

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