Funny pets who tried on the image of the Pope
Funny pets who tried on the image of the Pope

When we decide to have a pet, we hardly expect that now our life will belong to him, and not vice versa. It doesn't matter who your pet, cat or dog is - fun is guaranteed. Often, owners will act out for their pets' mischief, allowing themselves to annoy them a little. In the process of creative search, pictures of the wonderful transformations of our beloved four-legged mischievous people into … the Pope appeared!

It is known how the owners are madly in love with photographing their pets and share these pictures on social networks. Sometimes even very strange. Today, in these turbulent times, each of us strives to use every moment to relax. People want to forget about everything that is wrong with this world at least for a moment.

The cat has such a proud and majestic look, as if it were not slippers at all on its head, but a real tiara This dachshund does not lag behind in greatness from the previous cat

Among other things, in our time the world is ruled by fashion. It has captured all areas of our life. This ubiquitous lady determines what we wear in the next season, what we have, what camera to shoot all this with and on what social networks to post the resulting photos. For better or worse, we all try to keep up with the times. Even those who are indifferent to fashion, still follow what is currently popular. Willy-nilly, we are all in varying degrees, but we still find ourselves in the know about modern fashion trends. The modern rhythm of life is so impetuous that everything changes very quickly. Fashion remains only for something so bright, incredibly interesting or very unusual. Or something that can touch the delicate strings of our soul.

Photos of pets on social networks are not only a tribute to fashion The photos that people share on the Internet are not always professional photography People quickly picked up the fashion for slippers

Interest in the topic of pets around the world has not faded for a very long time. On the Internet, as well as in various print media, we see a lot of photos of pets every day. Some animals even have personal pages on social networks. Sometimes these are studio photos of excellent quality, more often they are ordinary shots from an always available smartphone. They all have one thing in common - the owners love to photograph their pets.

Pets are not always happy with the owner's creative research Sometimes pets react to our quirks rather indifferently

It's no secret that many pet owners like to give their furry friends some inconvenience from time to time. Of course, it's fun. Apparently, somewhere in the process of looking for new ways to play a trick on their pet, someone thought of putting slippers on their pet's head. And away we go …

Now there are thousands of similar photos with slippers on the net Animals are tolerant of human quirks

Posting a funny photo online is sacred. The idea was so popular with users that there are now thousands of such pictures on various social media platforms. The incredibly charming photos show pets in slippers, very similar to some high-ranking clergyman.

Pets sometimes pose quite willingly in their unusual headdresses Some pets look somewhat condescending This cat will take revenge. Cruel. This can be seen on his face

Someone these photos amuse and give optimism, someone annoying, but no one remains indifferent! Some pussies pose so pretentiously in their slippers, as if they were really the Pope. Others demonstrate: some dissatisfaction, some boredom, some irritation. On the faces of many you can read an eloquent expression of contempt for the master's creative research. They seem to be saying: “What can I take from them? People they are people!"

What to take from these people?

Pets love us not only to entertain, but also to frighten us. Read our article on how these funny mischievous people almost brought the owners to a heart attack with their jokes.

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